Monday, July 25, 2011

135 days...Are We There Yet?

Hopefully, fingers crossed, knock on wood, wishing on a star/11:11, the NFL Players Executive Committee will vote today (if they haven't already) to pass the agreement reached between the NFLPA and League Owners.  On day 135, the end is finally in sight!  At least until 2020.

What's next?

According to "experts" players will begin heading back on Wednesday starting the transition period to re-certify as a union (without a union, player benefits cannot be negotiated).  IF all goes according to plan, the new League year will start Saturday, including free agency.  A process normally spanning the majority of the off-season will now take place over the course of days/weeks.

I'll be curious to see just how well the league handles what I picture to be a giant clusterf--k.  Keeping up with the Niners moves will be difficult enough, let alone the rest of the league.  I'm praying my team finally grows some balls (lost the small pair they had when they kept Alex Smith) and we hear Asomugha's name mentioned as the focus of our Free Agency this year. 

Most importantly though, I want the game back! I want to know I'll have my Lazy Sunday's and tailgating at Candlestick while the team still plays in San Francisco, not some city away from the bay.  I want to smell the garlic fries, beer breath and salty ocean "breeze."  I want to laugh at the bitter fan sitting behind me.  I want to reminisce on Singletary's crazy sayings, and maybe even miss his defensive mindset.  I want to lose my voice from yelling at the refs, players, coaches, owners, and announcers.  I actually want Joe Buck back (what? I know!) and, dare I say it, Chris Collinsworth?  Eh, maybe I won't go that far.

Please, just give me my game!


  1. OK girl...I just had a "breaking news" from CNN that apparently they have signed a labor deal. I haven't clicked on it yet to see exactly what that entails because I'm reading blogs until Neal calls. But it *looks* promising. And my BIL ended up not taking the rugby job in England so looks like we'll be cheering for the Jacksonville Jaguars for another season. Looks like I have some NFL to write about after all. :)

  2. Well put girl... The finance and I keep talking about how he can't wait for football season... but then I remind him it's only HALF the season since NFL is waiting in the air... I'm dying over here. Sure I should be worried about the debt ceiling and all that jazz but as a sports fan I can't care about that right now NFL is up in the air darn it! COME ON FOOTBALL!

  3. Dude, I just want lazy game days at this point. I don't even care how they get it done...they made the mess and they can clean it up however they like to get me lazy Sundays.

  4. NO!! Take it back!!! You do NOT want Joe Buck back under ANY circumstances!! Thats just your football withdrawl talking....

    Honestly I have mixed feelings about there being a football season. As a Charger fan, I find it hard to root for a team that keeps threatening to leave if WE dont give THEM a new stadium, yet THEY dont have to give US a championship winning team. If they end up going to LA I am gonna have to jump ship and be a Niners fan. Its in my San Diego DNA to hate all teams LA or LA related.

  5. I think I may have to give up Jaime as my friend. The Niners? Really? Ugh.

  6. Monique, are you telling me you would still be a Chargers fan if they moved to LA?!?! Say it isnt so!

    At least as a Niners fan I could never be accused of jumping on to a bandwagon team...unless the bandwagon was on fire and headed straight off a cliff each season, cuz thats pretty much what its like to be a Niners fan, or so I have heard.

  7. Ok, this is clearly outside my box because I have no idea what you're talking about! But you do seem to know what you're saying!