Friday, July 29, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Hey, I'm Cathy. I'm what you'd call a "late-bloomer" when it comes to sports. I didn't get into watching sports until I was in college. So, while I'm a contributor on this blog, I am def the one who's going to be talking more about fitness and fandom. Because I love the the Packers and we are the greatest fans in the world, so I know about being a fan. Also, yes, I will annoy the crap outta you with Packer talk. Did you know we won the Superbowl? We did.

As a kid, I wasn't much into organized sports. My family was into cars and boats and things that go vroooom. In high school I played tennis, took ballet class, worked a part-time job and was in band. Being in band, specifically pep band, meant I had to attend some sporting events. But believe me, I was there when I needed to be and out of there as soon as we were done. I was into art, dance, working and hanging with my friends.

Weekends with my family meant doing things like boating, yard work, house work, snowmobiling, visiting grandparents, shopping...anything. My dad was a truck driver so he was gone all week. The weekends were family time and that never included watching sports. It just wasn't something we were interested in.

When I went to college, my weekends were filled with projects for art classes, working, hanging out with friends and if possible just relaxing with a good book or movie. It wasn't until I met my now husband that I started watching sports. He loves football and basketball, college and pro. Sunday's at college for him were all about hanging out with the boys watching football, drinking, eating pizza or Taco Bell, not showering and laughing at those of us who would actually be working on projects/homework. I certainly had plenty of other things to do on Sunday's than hang out with a bunch of smelly, foul-mouthed boys eating junk food.

There were Sundays, though, when I would be hungover(after a night out with said boys) and laying around eating junk food and watching TV sounded fantastic. It was these Sundays that made me realize something. Sometimes, laying around doing nothing can be ok! Being a busy-body this was quite the revelation. Sundays don't have to be filled with activities?? You really can go a whole day without showering or changing out of your PJ's?? Well now, football didn't sound so bad anymore. I could get into this!

But, it wasn't until I started watching football with my husbands entire family that I really understood how fun football season could be.

My husband's family are huge Packer fans. My first Packer party with them was very overwhelming. I knew by this point that they were loud people, but OH MY GOD do they yell loud when they watch football. Yelling at the TV when something bad happens, running around high-fiving each other every time something good happens, it was chaos. At this point I still wasn't a confirmed Packer fan. I really had only sort of come to grips with the fact that football was now part of my life and I wasn't ready to make allegiances to any team. Plus, I was from Minnesota. My FIL was a Vikings fan(also from MN) and somehow he had turned my husbands oldest brother into a Vikings fan. But the rest of the family were all true Wisconsinites and they were Packer fans. So the battle began...could my FIL convince me to be a Vikings fan or would the rest of the family turn me into a Packer fan??

I eventually learned more about the Pack. They are the only fan-owned team, won the first Superbowl, have an open air stadium in freaking Wisconsin, have sold out all the games since forever, have a crazy ridiculous waiting list for season tickets....and have some of the best, most obnoxious, most loyal fans ever. So I finally admitted to being a Packer fan, bought myself a team shirt and was high-fiving with the best of 'em.

So there it is in a not-so-short nutshell. I am excited for the upcoming season, we are defending champs, after all! I'm looking forward to lots of Sundays spent on my couch or a friends couch or at the Packer bar across the river. Are there better things I could be doing with my Sundays?? Maybe. But I'm happy to be blogging, watching football and drinking a Bloody. Sounds like a good day to me!


  1. Love this... minus the whole Packers winning the last Super Bowl [yes I'm still bitter] but if my team had to lose to any team I'm ok with it being the Packers! :) And while I felt defeated it was sweet to see the trophy go back to the place it was named from!!! :)

    I love the way you think about FB too that's a great idea.. sit and do nothing other than yell at the screen that doesn't happen much.

    Mike's family is just like yours when we watch college ball - his father bumps knuckles with all of us after each great play or score :) It's so fun/adorable!

  2. I think it's awesome that the Packers are a non-profit, fan owned team. Especially in light of the recent lockout and the money-grubbing that went on. It's nice to know that there is still a team out there that cares more about the sport than it does about the money.

  3. PJ Sundays are the BEST!
    I have even watched (and enjoyed!) golf on a lazy PJ Sunday

  4. If there is anything that us "lifers" love more than other "lifers" is "converters" :) So glad you're a fan, and I'm so happy the Lombardi trophy has gone home.