Thursday, July 21, 2011

From Boy Crazy to Sports Lover...

Hi...I'm Shana. I get to talk sports with my grandfather all the time...but I'm so excited to have a new place to talk about my teams and share my opinions with other chicks. Isn't Hutch brilliant for coming up with this concept?

So I'm here to tell you how I first got into sports. I'll give you a was because of the boys...

Sports have been part of my life since I was really young. I remember my dad and grandfather trying to teach me how to hit a wiffle ball at the age of five and my grandfather trying repeatedly to teach me how to swing a golf club properly. My dad and grandfather tried their best...but being clumsy and uncoordinated, I never actually mastered either of those games…or tennis…or lacrosse…and as I got older, it became clear that I was destined to be a spectator, rather than a player.

I started out as a reluctant parents dragging me to Mets games often. I complained in the beginning, but the more we went, the more I liked it. I learned the game and I got to know the players and started to look forward to the games. My love of baseball never faded...though my allegiance did switch from the Mets to the Yankees. It's true that I haven't forgiven them for getting rid of my man, Joe Torre...and I can't stand Alex Rodriguez's face...but I will always love the Yanks.

Somewhere between middle school and high school, I realized that knowing about sports gives you a good reason to talk to boys...and a reason for them to keep talking to you. For my 12 year old, boy crazy self that's all I needed to be hooked forever.

All the hot boys in my high school were on the basketball team, so I decided to become a basketball fan...but I found that it was about more than just looking at the boys...I really loved the game. For a long time I was a Knicks fan, but I became disgusted with the NBA when it became more about money and less about a love of basketball. Now I satisfy my basketball needs with NCAA...and March Madness is my absolute favorite time of the year.

My love of boys...or of one boy, in particular...has also led me to recently become a reluctant football fan. Last year, my boyfriend J bought bought season tickets to the NY Giants and he took me to every game. I never liked football...I just never really got it...but I figured since I was going to the games, I should start asking some questions and trying to figure it out. I haven't got it down yet and I still ask a lot of questions, but I'm starting to enjoy the games more. Now I pay more attention to what's happening on the field rather than people watching...and one Sunday, I even watched a game on TV while J was out!

So there you have...I was a boy crazy tween who turned into a chick that loves basketball, baseball...and maybe football.


  1. I was somewhat worried about your allegiance to the Yankees, but at least we can agree on ARod's face!

  2. I love this, minus the whole Yankee part ;) While I respect your love for the team I can be honest with you that I can't stand them... but at least in common we have that I don't like ARod's face either haha!

    I love that you're giving FB a chance it took me a while to get it and while I still love watching there are still bits I don't totally get. I'm learning - it's all the calls that start to confuse me but I'm getting that too. We'll learn together sister! :)

  3. Wow - you watched a game on TV and J wasn't even home!?!
    Kudos, my friend.
    I like to nap to golf, but that's probably not the same thing...

  4. I think that "boys" brought a lot of us to love various sports. I'm not too big on televised professional sports, but give me a minor league baseball game any day and I am in hog heaven.

    Dad coached little league forever and I learned to keep box score as a little girl. I guess it doesn't rub off!

    This spring I was playing whiffle ball with co-workers - you know, one of those teamwork building occasions. Running from second to third, the third baseMAN had the ball and was standing in the baseline waiting to tag me out.

    I heard Dad's voice in my ear, "Lower your shoulder and take him out." so I did! Seriously. He went down, dropped the ball, and i SLID into third - SAFE!! The entire office went wild! No one ever imagined that I would know about doing something like that, much less try it. My stock is way high at work now.

    Chicks can do it. We just need to get interested! Love this new blog.

  5. So, I should warn you that Neal is crafting a comment to the 4 of us...mostly about how the common denominator in all of this is getting the boys' attention. And, apparently, that makes us Femme Fatales. And then I debated that we aren't killing anyone with our sports knowledge so then he IM'd me the Webster definition of "femme fatale." He's so helpful, that one. But considering it takes him 3 weeks to write a paper, I'm not worried that his comment will come up any time soon. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to learning a little something about the Giants. I need a new NFL team to follow. The Ravens and the Giants ought to get me through until basketball season.