Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love sports balls. Mainly basketballs.

So, you've got to know most of the other awesome ladies. Now it's time to get to know me. I'm AuntBT and I'm a true to heart Texas girl and I'm a sport loving, sarcastic, and slightly crazy event planner. 

Growing up I danced. My mom wanted me to turn into a mini version of her, cheerleader and beauty queen. But, mom was also a PE teacher, so I was still going to be in sports, she just wanted me to play with dolls. Even at six years old I knew better for myself, dolls were not where it was at. I begged to play soccer. They stuck me at goalie, and I hated it. Then I wanted to play softball. I did that for a good long while, but after I quit pitching and they stuck me in the outfield, I was done. I threw tennis and volleyball in there somewhere. After awhile, I was done. Nothing really did it for me. Then I met the guy around the corner who coached for some basketball team. My dad and Coach A became friends and he wanted us to go to the games. So the family packed up and headed to the arena to watch some basketball. My brother had begun playing the game, so he knew what was going on. Mom and dad were excited. I had no clue, but I knew something really cool was going on down on the court and I needed to know more.

I picked up a basketball and the parents began teaching. I join a local league and was sold. I wasn't the best player by any means, but I loved the game.

Then Coach A's team started getting some really good players. Some of my friends even had posters of the players in their rooms. I'll never forget seeing Jason Kidd for the first time on a poster, and thinking  . . . . I recognize him! He's one of the players that Coach A gives us tickets to go see!

From then on I knew it was something magical. I loved being on the court. I loved going to games. I even enjoyed watching my brothers' teams. (Older boys who were cute may have influenced that one.)  I should also note that my brother played every sport imaginable. I was either playing in a game or a spectator at a game every single day of each summer. I even used to keep score for his baseball games.

I played basketball in high school, but had to quit because the coaches and I didn't get along. I wasn't good enough to play varsity anyways. I still went to games, I even started to love football. Yes, I was the girl who had paint all over at the high school games. I wore my boyfriends' numbers. All of my guy friends were on the football team. 

All sports still hold a special place in my heart, I even did track after I quit basketball. However, that game left an imprint on me. My dad and I used to go shoot hoops in our alley. He had the perfect hook shot. (Being almost 6'5" and shooting over a 5'something girl might have had something to do with it.) It was a way to actually connect with my mom, we didn't get along very well back then. I got to watch cute boys at my brother's games. It was a lifestyle in our house.

I quit dance after 10 years, but basketball has remained a constant in my life. It's my number one. I'll go to any sporting event (except boxing or wrestling), I miss college football when it's off season, but I crave basketball. All the time. The best part? It all started with the Dallas Mavericks. And my loyalty was just paid off. I love this game.


  1. We don't have a lot of pro sports in my city (we are all hockey, all the time), so whenever Wilzie and travel, we always try to take in a game of some kind - baseball usually - and we have seen a couple of basketball games.
    Even from way high up in the stands, we had a great time - I can definitely see the appeal.

  2. SO FUN! I love that your entire family was sports oriented! Such a switch from mine. I think it took me forever to get into football because the boys I dated were bench warmers soooo it took a while to get amped!!!

  3. My basketball skillz don't extend much beyond HORSE!

  4. Thanks ladies!! Hutch-might have to challenge you to a game!

  5. I have to be completely honest... I've never been much into sports. BEFORE I GET KICKED OUT OF HERE, I had to tell how much I admire your passion. I can relate to this, because for me, writing has always been my greatest love. So I understand how deeply rooted basketball is to you. It's a beautiful thing to discover this, and sounds like it was a wonderful way for you to bond with the family.

  6. Woo hoo for another basketball junkie!!! I like football...but that game is just a little too slow for me. I love the constant pace of basketball...when a team gets on a hot streak of steals and the orgasmic moment when the player goes sprinting toward his basket, leaving the opponent in his wake, and jumps up to slam dunk the ball. *and the crowd goes wild*

    Is there really anything better??

    But I've never been into NBA. Except for that time right after I met Penny Hardaway and would watch every game the Magic played. So, I'm looking to you to bring me back over to the dark side.

  7. I also love basketball. Love it. And I loved the NBA for a really long time. Then they went on strike and then they all became thugs and now...I miss professional basketball. But I love college b-ball. Those guys always play with a lot of heart.

  8. Ahhhh, I love you bball junkies!!! I also love you non-bball junkies! :)

    Charlotte - you won't get kicked out, we're happy you're here, cause we want to have non-sporty ladies to share with!!! :)