Friday, August 12, 2011

Baseball broadcasts sometimes make my ears bleed.

Have you ever been forced to listen to a baseball game on the radio when you are so exhausted and hungry you can barely see?


Well, let me tell you.  It sucks.  Bad.

This past weekend I was at the fabulous and legendary BlogHer '11 Conference right here in sunny San Diego.  And, man, was it legendary.  The parties, the flashmobs, the swag.  It was crazy.

My carpool lovingly dropped me off at my door at about 2 PM Sunday.  The hubs was sleeping (what?) and the girls were phantom sleeping.  By this I mean they were "supposed" to be napping and weren't.  After a little dig through the swag, the hubs awakens and we take off with a small amount of prep to the pool at my sister-in-law's apartment complex.  It was hot here, after all.  I was going to be left behind to sleep in silence, but I wanted to go!  I was tired but I needed a dip, too.  And I missed my girls and guy.  We go.  We frolic.  We change and leave, deciding to get some drive thru Panda's on the way home.  The hubs drove because I was so tired, and we have that rule... the one that says, whoever drives controls the radio.

Holy Jumpin' Jehosephat.  If I could have reached through that radio and lynched Ted Leitner, I think I would have. 

Don't get me wrong.  I like baseball.  I like all the balls, really.  But I am an In Real Life kinda gal.  I like to actually BE at the game and see the subtle goings-on around the game.  It's probably the Athletic Trainer in me.  Who's icing early?  Who's adjusting what?  Who got hurt and what's wrong and where is he gonna go now?  Who got a cleat in the face?  That type of stuff.

SEE?  A 2.5 yo and a 7 mo old at a Padre's game!
 I spent so long and so many seasons in dugouts and on benches, that to watch from afar or listen to games on the radio now is just, wrong.  And for some reason, Ted Leitner's voice is like nails on a chalk board to me.  A lot of what it is, is when there is a lull in the action, the non-baseball talk or baseball related political talk or whatever that crap is called?  Drives me batty.  So pointless.  Just be quiet!  This is not meant to be a Bash Ted post, he's just he local guy (Go Padres).  When I was young, my uncles would listen to Tigers games on the radio.  We're talking Ernie Harwell, Paul Carey.  Legends.  Not to mention the occasional Harry Caray when the winds were right and you could catch the Cubbies broadcast.  It was the same skin crawling, mania inducing insanity.  Plus, at that time, I didn't get baseball.  At. All.

Let me also note, my hubs is H-core into sports.  Great, I like them too.  But I also adore cheesy 80's music and Top 40 media skewed hits.  Just as he adores ESPN 24/7 and Antiques Roadshow, I am in love with smutty reality TV and serial teledramas.  There has to be a balance, right??

And when one has been at a "conference" for three days full of disco and wine, a little silence never sounded so good. 


  1. This makes me so grateful for the announcers we have in the Bay Area! If Kruk and Kuip aren't broadcasting on TV they're on the radio. Giants broadcasters for the win! :)

  2. Ahahahaha! When I read the title, this thought IMMEDIATELY entered my brain: "whoever this lady is going to talk about, they CANNOT be worse than Ted Leitner". I cant decide if we are more punished by having to listen to his voice and inane chit-chat when he is on the air, or by having to look at his face on TV when he shows up on occasion(probably uninvited) to the sports segment on the local news??

  3. I miss Rory Markas, who used to do the game calls for the Angels. Terry Smith and Jose Mota are okay, but it's definitely not as fun to listen to anymore.

    Especially after a big, weekend-long conference!

  4. I would totally have stabbed my eardrum over and over if I were you.


  5. And this is when not watching/listening to sports is totally okay. Just because it's on, doesn't mean you have to watch/listen.

    I would have pulled rank somehow. Shoes would have been thrown.