Monday, August 29, 2011

Bringing You Championships, One City at a Time

In 2004, I joked about breaking sports curses based on the cities I lived in/near. I had just watched the Red Sox win their first World Series, ever, while attending UMass. I sat in Boston Billiards around the corner from Fenway during Game 3 of the ALCS, drinking beer and nodding in agreement with almost everyone in the bar, the Sox were done. Only they went on to win 8 straight, defying experts and fans alike. Previously, Cuse won their first national basketball title my Senior year.

Still one of my Top moments as a sports fan!

Clearly, I'm not the reason either team won, right? Pure coincidence.


What's occurred since has made me question my entire existence. OK, not really, but let's look at the facts:

1. The 49ers won their first Super Bowl the year I was born. They won 4 more, all while I lived in Sacramento.

2. Cuse basketball

3. Boston Red Sox

4. I worked for a company based out of St. Louis in 2006. During one of the trips, I took a tour of the new stadium and sat in their dugout. They won their first World Series in 24 years.

5. I lived in NJ/NYC after grad school and worked at a restaurant Eli Manning regularly visited.  What happens? The NY Giants win the Super Bowl (with the help of a Cuse grad, although the guy's revealed what a douche he really is lately and I don't like claiming him).  I'm guessing most Manning fans will hate me now.

6. I moved back to Sacramento and 2 seasons later a curse plaguing the Giants since their move to San Francisco is broken. I loved every moment of the crazy ride!

7. After attending training for work in Dallas this past March, meeting AuntBT, the Mavericks win their first Championship.

Eerie, huh?

I'm trying to decide who needs me more...Chicago or San Diego?  They both are right on the water with amazing restaurants. Chicago wins the crappy weather battle, but they at least have Da Bears.  I'm waiting to hear the offers from both cities before making a decision.  I'd be more than happy to entertain other proposals as well.


  1. Chicago is a great city. Dugan's Pub on Rush Street is a good place to watch Da Bears but one has to realize that with only 84 clear sunny days a year and 176 totally cloudy depressing I need to take a Vit D tablet days a year I would think eating fresh seafood on a dock in SD would win :-)

  2. Does San Diego really even need to put in an offer?

    It's San Diego. We are near perfection minus the crappy sports teams. Come and correct that so we can claim perfection.