Monday, August 1, 2011

I Used to Catch Basketballs with My Face.

First, thanks to the venerable Surferwife for thinking me worthy to be in her bloggy presence.  And, of course, to Hutch for going with it and for this brain child of hers!  Super cool! 

I'm Maegan and I'm a born and raised Michigander who was also an only child of a single parent.  Which meant, I had to find a way to entertain myself.  A lot.  So when I wasn’t playing cards with myself, reading, or annoying my mother to death, I turned to shooting hoops. 

My much-adored uncles were basketball players.  When I was young, we would go to their bachelor pads for parties that centered around watching basketball, usually the Pistons.  I remember going to their games to see them play.  I remember thinking, “Wow, that looks like fun!”  One day I noticed the neighbors had a hoop, so I was good to go.  I played on my first team when I was in 6th grade.  I sucked.  For all those hours of shooting baskets, I couldn't make one to save my life.  And I couldn't dribble, hell, I could barely catch the ball most of the time.  Typically, at least once per game I would catch the ball with my face, sometimes twice.  And, yes, this continued well into my late teens.  But I loved it.  I could jump high and I could run fast, so I stuck with it.

Then I went to HS, where I was the only white girl on the team for about 3 years.  I still couldn't dribble, and could maybe make a lay up if no one was around and I didn't panic.  This was not a likely scenario.  My rebounding skills were cultivated, though, and my defense was, as well.  If there was a player on the opposite team that we didn’t want to have the ball?  I was the girl to put on her.  One time?  Our rival had this killer off guard, and coach said to me, “Maegan, stick to her like glue.”  Everyone else was zone, except me on her.  She told me she hated me.  I count that as a personal victory. 
I also started playing volleyball in high school and that was way more fun!  I was good at that!  I was setter and although we barely won any games, I had a blast and I still love to play! 

Junior year, I broke my foot in basketball season.  This was truly God's intervention.  Because of that injury, I started really interacting with our school athletic trainer, Doc Brown.  I had before after the broken finger and numerous cases of catching the ball with my face.  But this was constant interaction, for quite a while, as you might imagine.  I decided that profession (Athletic Training) was the perfect way for me to blend my desire to help people with illness and injury AND be involved with sports!  AND?  No med school.  So that's what I did.  I went to college at Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, got my BS in Health Ed., completed the internship athletic training program, and passed my board of certification test. 

Sidebar: shout out to Cathy at Antsy Pants 2.0 here.  If you were NOT a Packer fan in da UP, you might as well die.  But we were in MI, so I could NOT bring myself to pledge my allegiance to them.  No matter how many snow banks were spray-painted Green and Gold, no matter how many people would be yelling “Yah!  Go, Pah-ck!”  No. It was not happening.  I know first hand how fanatical those people can be.  Hi friend!!

I then went to Michigan State and completed my MS in Kinesiology, moved to SoCal to live with the boyfriend I met at a blackjack table in Vegas.  Yes, for real.  And got to work!  After a couple bumps in the road, a couple ups and downs and I found a niche at a high school.  It was a private high school, so it was demanding since about 75% or more of the 2,000 kids are involved with sports and they moved to a new campus with full facilities for all sports during my tenure.  I was also able to grow the AT program, hire a part-time ATC, get some modalities, set up proper protocols.  It was great.  But I did burn out.  I was given a position as an Anatomy/Physiology and Biology teacher.   Now, though, I have let my cert go, and I'm a SAHM to my 2 girls, dog and husband.  I also am a consultant for a direct-sale cosmetics company that awards Pink Cadillacs ad nauseam.   

But I couldn't let all this knowledge just sit around in my brain, so I started a blog, Beyond The Bandaids.  And I love it.  And now, here, I can wax philosophic about sports and those crazy athletes, and add my two cents from my experience not only from the sidelines (literally), but from the locker room and training room too! Oh, and I love NFL football (Go Chargers!) and the political side of sports, like basketball NBA/College (Pistons/Lakers), baseball a lot, enjoy hockey (Get 'em Red Wings!) and all other sports (Volleyball - Beach/Indoor, Softball, Skateboarding, BMX, FMX)! 


  1. So excited to have you here with us!

  2. Crap, another Red Wings fan?? lol ;)

  3. I take the 5th. haha!
    I'm excited to be here too!

  4. You had me until "Red Wings" *Sigh*.


  5. I've never been a major basketball fan, but I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother growing up and she loved college ball. GO HAWKEYES!!! So if/when I watch, my beloved Hawkeyes are the team I follow. That is the same for college football, although I'm also a big SEC/Gators fan.

    Great post Maegan. I won't pick on you about the Red Wings. I don't follow hockey much, but LOVE to watch it live.

  6. Love it! I'm the same way, couldn't play well enough to be good enough, so I just found another way to work in sports!