Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers - Maybe you've heard of them?

I'm a Twins fan. I'll never forget the year Kirby Puckett came to my elementary school. I mean, whoa! Kirby Puckett!! Back in the day that was big time. What small kid wouldn't love a baseball star showing up at their school?!

These days the Twins have a cool new stadium (even though it should have a retractable roof, it's still pretty nice), but that Mauer kid seems to be crapping out on us. As it so happens my husband is a Brewers fan, which gives me rights to cheer for them. And who wouldn't want to cheer for a team that's making their first legitimate run in 30 years?

The Brewers are playing phenomenal ball right now. They're up 8.5 games in the NL Central. They've won 22 of their last 25 games. They're 4 in ESPN's power rankings. That's pretty much where my baseball knowledge ends, but I know that means they're good. Really good.

And they're fun to watch.

Prince Fielder is basically a big teddy bear.

Nyjer Morgan has an alter ego named Tony Plush

John "Axman" Axford is the closer. He likes to have a good time and sport interesting facial hair.
Source: Fox Sports

I like to scalp tickets to the club level and eat nachos in comfort while watching the game.

What I'm saying is, the Brewers are good, they're having fun and the fans are out of their heads with excitement. For a state that's still coming down from a we-won-the-superbowl high, this is like an extra helping of dessert. Now, if we could just get those Coasties to realize that great baseball is being played here in the Midwest it might make things even sweeter.


  1. There's nothing better than being THERE at a baseball game - even the minor leagues. People think it's too slow, or boring, but the minute you make a connection with the players, it becomes such a thrill to be in the stadium.

    And, all good closers have great hair!

  2. I don't really care about the Brewers, as in I don't hate, love, have any emotion. Prince Fielder though? Hilarity at the All-Star game!

  3. I can get on board with the Brewers representing the NL! (Because I know my Padres arent going to,;)

  4. The Brewers really are having an amazing year. I'm an AL girl, so I don't have an NL team, which makes it easier to appreciate when someone is having a particularly great season.