Friday, August 5, 2011

a painful confession

Remember how I told you last week that there is always something hockey-related going on in Edmonton to talk about? Apparently that's not exactly true because there is absolutely nothing going on for me to talk about this week.

So I have decided to take this opportunity to confess something to you all...

This is something that I have hidden from the rest of the world, and only my Husband, Wilzie, knows the truth*.

I LOVE the New York Yankees!


I also REALLY like the Boston Red Sox.

Blasphemy, right?!

I know it should be impossible to like (and yes, cheer for) both of these teams. I know their histories, I am well aware of the rivalry and hatred between the two teams and their fans - and yet, here I stand, declaring my dual citizenship in both Yankee and Red Sox nation.

I blame it on the fact that we have no real baseball in the Canadian prairies, so the only baseball we ever got see on TV was of the one Canadian team in the major league - the Toronto Blue Jays**. If the Blue Jays weren't playing, and the sports channels had a hole in their programming, they would televise a ball game from one of the "major" US clubs - usually the Yankees, or the Red Sox.

Being one of the few baseball fans in the city, I watched these games with great devotion, and I started to develop feelings for *insert gasp of shock and disbelief* both teams.

I knew it was wrong. I knew it went against everything that society held dear, and that I would be a labelled a traitor if anyone ever found out. So I kept my shameful, little secret, while my love for each team grew***.

When the two teams faced off in the 2004 ALCS, my heart broke. I may have even teared up when the Sox trounced the Yankees - though I couldn't say if it was in sadness that my mighty Yankees were defeated, or that my scrappy Red Sox seemed (and ultimately were) unbeatable.

Wilzie and I have travelled to both cities, and attended games in both (all 3, if you count both old and new Yankee Stadium) teams' ball parks - and I loved every single minute of each game.

I am a proud member of the cult of adoration for Derek Jeter. I own a t-shirt with Jason Veritek's name and number on it. I felt no bitterness when Johnny Damon left the Red Sox for the Yankees - for me it was a win-win situation: I still got to watch and cheer for him, plus he had a handsome new hair cut!

Don't get me wrong - I get the rivalry (we have our own up here that I will be documenting once hockey season starts). Maybe its just because I am so far removed that I can see the good in both teams without being clouded by territorial posturing? Or maybe I am just a better person than most sports fans?

Maybe I am SO going to get my ass kicked for this...

*and sometimes, at night, I can feel his shame.

**FYI - the rest of Canada feels about Toronto the way that...well, the way that Red Sox fans feel about Yankees fans

***if pressed to choose, I would say that I prefer the Yankees, but that the Red Sox game I saw at Fenway Park was probably one of the best experiences of my life.


  1. As a baseball fan I can actually forgive you for liking both the Yanks and the Red Sox, even thought it technically goes against the Fan Rules, because well, both are evil in my opinion. LOL. ;) But I will have to correct you on one thing, they did NOT meet in the 2004 World Series, its not even possible.... It was the ALCS, the Red Sox played and defeated the St Louis Cardinals for the 2004 WS. Sorry, I just couldnt let that go uncorrected!

  2. @Jaime - thanks for the correction!
    I knew that too - I was glued to my sofa every night watching the darn thing.

  3. But I can completely understand the confusion, when I think of '04 I think Yanks/Sox. Infact on Monday we were discussing this and when someone asked, who the Red Sox played in the WS no one could answer, hell, my response was "it was a red team" haha. So the only reason I knew it was the Cards was because I had to Google it on Monday...and I am not a Canadian so whats my excuse?! Haha!! :)

  4. I can appreciate that you love the Red Sox (they are my AL team) and I was at Boston Billiards across from Fenway for the last game they lost in that series. The insanity that followed at UMass days later can only be rivaled by my experience at Cuse. I'll forgive you for the Yankees. It would be like me following both the Giants and the Dodgers (barf). BUT I understand you didn't grow up on it like we did here. We can still be friends :)

  5. As a die hard red sox fan, I don't even know how to respond to this post!!!!! my dad would probably call you a "pink hat" fan- I would just shake my head in disbelief. JJ Damon, really????? Are you still a fan of him even as a Ray???? Come on Hutch, help me out!!!!

  6. I think it's great that everyone is confessing things and getting it off our chests... while I can't agree with you at all about the Yankees [hater over heeeeaahhhhhaaaa] I will say that I don't hate the Sox. I'm a Orioles fan when it comes to baseball but I think I could have fun at just about ANY baseball game major or minor league. Well... minus the Yankees... I lie I bet if I went with Shana she's show me a good time ;) BUT I would totally wear my Orioles hat.

  7. I love that you root for both teams, but I can't get behind the Jeter. I'll try not to hold it against you! :)

  8. I get the Sox, I always tend to root for the underdog and for so long that is exactly what they were. Plus as a Chi-town girl, there is something about the Boston/New England teams that has always resonated with me.
    That said, I just can't root for the Yankee's. (Ok I did twice- once after 9/11 because I felt like the city really needed the win & for a brief moment when Kyle Farnsworth was traded there-I had a thing for him. As a man, not a pitcher cause lets face it he stinks)There are players I admire and times that I can respect them as a team, but I'm just not a Yankee's fan. Never have been, Never will be.

  9. & no i am not a Cubs fan. I just want to put that out there!!

  10. Meh. I have no feelings for either team. Though I have watched a game at Fenway.

    Go Twins!*

    *I know they suck right now.

  11. I guess if you absolutely MUST cheer for rival teams, I'm glad it's these 2 and not UK AND U of L. Because that would so put a strike against you. I saw the Sox play the White Sox in Chicago...back when Manny was a Red Soxer. I liked them and thought they had a matching ego to the Yankees. So it makes sense that they are rivals. However, I don't think Shana is going to let this one go so maybe don't tell her that you root for both.