Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A peek into The Surfer Household during a professional surfing contest

For the past week I have heard shrieks, howls and too many, "You have GOT to come and watch this!" from both my husband The Surfer and my son The Ace.

What is it that could possibly enthrall my main squeeze guys more than ME? For crying out loud, I mean really. Ahh, yes. The ASP World Tour. The Billabong Pro that was held in Tahiti's Teahupo'o.

That would be a part of the World Tour of Surfing, folks. You know that sport where ridiculously hot guys wear board shorts and ride waves?

Now I have your attention, thank you very much. Let me enlighten you about The Tour and then I shall reward you with pictures of hot Surfers.

ASP stands for Association of Surfing Professionals. Apparently, not just any guy riding his fish can get in on these contests. You have to be kind of a big deal and look super hot while doing it. The ASP Tour happens every year in (now) 11 fancy locations where you can be sure to find hot ladies in their G-Strings that I want to throat punch.

Sooooo, for the past week the contest has been in Tahiti with mind boggling sized waves. Every 6 minutes I'd hear "Holy Shit!! Someone is going to DIE! This is amazing, come watch!" Apparently, the waves were so big that they had to like shut down the contest one day and they --for fun-- towed guys out to the waves and watched them Hail Mary their way down these waves. I found video for you. Warning: It scares my butt. Don't say I didn't warn you:

This particular event, or contest, in Tahiti finally ended today with my childhood favorite coming out as the winner. Throughout the 11 events that take place all year long, there is a running total of points each surfer gets based on his place finish for that event. In other words, event results are converted to points and count towards the ASP World Title Race and the ultimate prize of being called the ASP World Tour Champion after all events have been completed.

The same guy that was plastered all over my wall with Wet N Wild gloss marks smeared all his face, the same guy who is now in the lead for the World Title, the same guy who has won the Title TEN times is indeed, the same guy who won today's Tahiti event.

The actual poster of Kelly Slater on my wall circa 1992:

Kelly Slater now. A little different. Something's missing. Can't take my eyes off of his abs to figure it out though:

Another fun hot Surfer, Bruce Irons:

And of course, his brother Andy Irons, RIP:

**I'd like to thank Google for supplying me with these visions of hotness monsters to show you, as well as a thanks to You Tube for the epic video and of course the ASP World Tour for bringing all these men together in one spot so many times a year.


  1. SurferWife -- these men are glorious. And Kelly has only gotten better with age. And this must have been the blog you wanted to throat punch yesterday because of the video. Which by the way the video was so cool. I wouldn't help but gasp a few times.

  2. Andy Irons' story just depresses me. He was so ridiculously hot too.

  3. There is drool all over my keyboard now... thank you! I had that SAME image of Kelly plastered on my "Surf" wall in my bedroom. I was too young to be an actual surfer groupie... but that didn't stop me from lusting even if East Coast waves aren't impressive!

    I don't know how they do it - every year I want to learn to surf... and every year I chicken out. Maybe before my 40th birthday I'll rock it!


  4. Growing up in North Carolina i wasn't watching a lot of surfing but surfers...they're HOT!

    I was a swimmer and they were pretty damn hot too!

  5. I greatly appreciate the term hotness monsters.

  6. . . . . . . . . . .

    I think you wrote something, but I don't remember. I just remember abs.

  7. FYI, I had put a (drool) in the middle of those periods. Apparently blogger doesn't like drool.