Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roll Tide Bride

With less than two months until my wedding day it's easy to see why writing about sports might not come very easily to me right now. I figured I needed something sports related to talk about here and since my brain is currently jogging between football programs and my nuptials it was better to write about what I know and what I've been fixated on since May... and that's my wedding... and football.

Mike, my fiance and I got engaged on April 30th this year. The first thing people asked us was if we had set a date. I got this question less than 3 hours into my engagement, and by less than three hours I mean 30 minutes into my engagement. Mike and I didn't have a clue about a date, we knew we wanted a fall wedding but setting a date depended on one thing, and one thing only... budget. If we paid for it, we'd plan for fall of 2012, if our parents helped us then we would plan for this year. Thankfully our parents have been pulling out all the stops to make an October 22, 2011 wedding a reality.

Setting a date didn't really make much of a difference to me as far as it being October or November - I just knew I wanted a fall wedding. We originally wanted to plan it for November since our dating anniversary was in that month, but we soon found a location that was amazing and that October might be better for us weather wise since we wanted an outdoor ceremony. There was one date in October that was left open and that was the 22nd. Mike immediately wanted to reserve the hall and ceremony site. I let him take the reigns after all he was the man and they always have important things like football season in mind, right? 

Living in the South, Alabama to be exact there are two different religious times of the year. First is all year long. Every Sunday you praise the Lord and live by his teachings. While I myself am a bit more spiritual, I can respect the majority of the masses and their religious beliefs, I just don't participate as often as most. And second most religious time of year is football season. You praise God on Sundays and you praise your loyalty to either Alabama or Auburn on Saturdays. This makes for some rather busy weekends. On the upside while you're busy you always know what weekend gear you will wear. Friday you wear a nice shirt to work in your teams colors. Saturday you wear team gear and Sunday you wear your best outfit to church and then lunch with your family. This lack of having to find an outfit frees up your brain and leaves more time for hootin', hollerin' and praisin'! 

Since becoming a huge Alabama fan myself [when you move here you choose a side, even if you are a Yankee transplant], I have often worried about planning a fall wedding. I've always wanted to get married in the fall - I had my moment of wanting to get married on the beach years ago but then realized I was much better suited to enjoy cooler temps when dressed to the 9's. This girl hates to sweat, unless she's working out, or getting it on. Planning a fall wedding means one thing, competing with football. Living in an area driven by college football is twice as hard as my prior hometown where most people are only obsessed with Professional Football. Having a wedding on a Saturday means competing with all the football games that college has to offer. Being in Alabama means worrying about two different sets of fans. Auburn and Alabama. Well... it's bad enough we planned our wedding during football season, it's even worse that the day of our wedding two huge games will be played, Alabama vs. Tennessee and Auburn vs. LSU.  Yep... SEC vs. SEC. Thankfully I've only got a slight bit of ribbing for this choice of date, and that's mostly because I let Mike take the blame for choosing our date. 

We still have yet to find out the times in which the games will be played. I am hoping for early afternoon games. Our wedding will not take place until 5:30 pm, thus giving the guys plenty of time to hoot and holler at the television and for me to hopefully have time to watch the Alabama vs. Tennessee game while getting all guzzied up for the big event. I can sip champagne and holler at my boys right?

While I'm sure that many people living here locally think it's a sin against The Bear to have a wedding on Alabama game day - I can assure you I'm not the only bride to do this and I won't be the last either.

Love this concept - Alabama Shakers & Rice ROLL TIDE • via google
Hopefully our wedding reception won't be happening during the game, otherwise this will be needed...
via google
Now that is dedication - Alabama Inspired Bridal Cake • via Google

So there you have it - this Yankee girl is slowly becoming a Southern Belle, and is planning her wedding on the day of the Big Alabama Vs. Tennessee game. There will be no orange flowers worn by anyone, only used in the reception area. And there will only be hollers of "ROLL TIDE ROLL", and hopefully they will be louder than the retort being chanted "WAR EAGLE" back to us by other guests at the party. There won't be a grooms cake made of houndstooth, but there will be a garter with this pattern. The team vibe will be there in spirit and hopefully lots of celebration will be made after big wins by both Alabama teams! Most importantly I've already been told by my future Father-in-Law that he isn't worried about the game, our wedding is more important to him. That was the final seal of approval I needed to not feel guilty celebrating our big day on game day.

P.S. To all my Northern friends and family... when you come for the big day be sure to bring your passport, you're going to need it down here. To all my Southern friends this isn't meant as a form of disrespect it's just to prepare them for all they are about to witness - LET'S DO THIS!

P.S.S. Next weekend is opening game in Tuscaloosa, AL I'm so happy I could shit twinkies! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! I hope we will make it to the tailgating fest - more on that if we do!


  1. You are brave keeping that wedding date!! At least if it's day games, then you should be good to go. Just know you'll have some guests that have been participating in game day "activities" and may fall over at your wedding. That's okay, just as long as Roll Tide wins. :)

  2. Totally true - so long as the groom can stand on his own 2 feet we'll be good to go. :)

  3. Don't sweat it, we were married on the day of the Iron Bowl (Alabama v Auburn for those not from around here). It was Thanksgiving weekend and we needed the extra time to get family from "up north" to our ceremony. Game ended 45 minutes prior to wedding. Auburn won for the first time in many years and we were not sure if my father-in-law would even walk my wife down the aisle. It has lasted 29 wonderful years!!