Monday, September 26, 2011

Conference Realignment - So Long Big East

With the recent announcement of Pitt and Syracuse moving from the Big East to the ACC, everyone's asking my opinion on the realignment. Honestly? I'm annoyed, angry and nostalgic. I'm tired of reading opinions from "experts" who didn't attend either school.  Unless you're personally connected to the teams, or league, you won't understand the emotional aspect.

When I left for Syracuse I knew very little about college basketball, outside of the Pac-10 teams I grew up with. I was an un-jaded, at the time, NBA fan, passionately defending my Kings to the east coasters.  Then winter/multiple feet of snow arrived, introducing me to the concept of drinking to stay warm and Big East basketball.  I fell in love. Not with the drinking (more of a love-hate-love), but with a completely new (to me) style of basketball

Now they'll be playing in a league where shoot-outs are more common than any kind of aggressive defense. Yay (sarcasm font needed).  Will we have to change our style to compete? We won a national championship with our zone, but how will that work for an entire season in a league that loves the three?

For me, Cuse is to the Big East as UNC is to the ACC (Georgetown = Duke, heh). Would Duke or UNC ever leave the ACC? Ha!  As a founding member of the Big East, how can Syracuse even consider leaving?  It's been a week, and I'm still trying to understand the politics of basing a decision on football when the school hasn't been a contender in the sport for decades. Take a poll of non-alumni Cuse fans and ask them if they're a fan of football or basketball, I'm 99.9999% confident basketball would win out.

Second to Syracuse, I consider myself a Big East fan. Now I'm torn. At least I have this season of rivalry games and the Big East Tourney to enjoy.  Who knows when Cuse will be playing in the Garden for a conference tournament again.  I'm not sure I trust the ACC in saying they'd consider MSG for a future tournament location. They're a southern-centric conference, and Syracuse doesn't belong.

I'll miss seeing this!


  1. Granted I don't get all the big league stuff - but the A in ACC is "Atlantic", for pete's sake. It used to be schools in states that at least touched the Atlantic Ocean - you know, like North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

    Now it stretches from sea to shining sea. I don't want to appear inhospitable, but WTF?

  2. Pitt like the 'Cuse was always about the East...always has been and always will be. Greed killed Wall Street in 2009 and greed will kill college football. All this greedy behavior would end today if college football had a playoff like in basketball and everyone shared in the "pot" equally. No matter what people tell don't attend a college because they have a good football or basketball program.

  3. Webb, I totally get it. None of this makes sense. I blame Boston College. They started this ridiculous trend.

    Jeff, I've been begging for a football playoff for years. No one seems to be listening. Clearly I don't have the pull I was hoping for by now!

  4. i seriously don't get the realignments. i don't follow college sports, but the changes still make no sense to me. especially if it's only because of a single sport. seems dumb to impact the whole school like that

  5. I'm going to have to ask JT what he thinks of this. He's way more into college ball than me. I know he likes Wisconsin and they're in the Big 10. Beyond that I'm kinda lost. Maybe I'll have to ask him for a conference lesson tonight.

  6. Hard to imagine leaving the BIG EAST for the acc but it is a done deal. At PITT we will regretfully move on. This is going to be a tough year saying goodbye and making our rounds in the Garden for the last time (provided we are forced to stay until 2014). A little someting deep down is hoping that a miracle occurs and the BIG EAST all of a sudden reemerges and PITT and Cuse stay... I know, not going to happen.

  7. I'm hoping for the same miracle!