Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From the Field - Warrior Dash

This chick got her ass off the sidelines and onto the field last weekend. Literally. I ran around in a big field.

I was a willing participant in the Warrior Dash that took place in Twin Lakes, WI.
Warrior Dash - Upper Midwest

I ran with this bunch of hooligans. 

I'm in the pink top.
This was us before the race. We may look a little strange, but we're clean.

This is us after the race. Still weird (that's my youngest Bro-in-Law in the sequined tube top), and definitely not clean.

Not familiar with the Warrior Dash? According to their website it's a "mud-crawling, fire-leaping extreme run from hell." Well, now, that's a little much. Yes, we crawled through the mud and leaped over fire (in addition to 9 other obstacles), but it wasn't that extreme and it certainly wasn't from hell. I mean, I finished, and I'm way out of shape. Like, the gym and I aren't even on speaking terms right now.

BUT, was it fun? Oh, hells yeah! Even though everyone but my husband left me in the dust I had a blast! My time was 34 minutes. The other two women I ran with, who were in the age bracket above me finished in 30 minutes. Can I be them when I grow up??! They rocked it. Next year I better bring my A game.

In all honesty, the obstacles weren't that hard. If you want to try this event, I say go for it! You can walk between obstacles if you want; it's not about your time, it's about the experience. (But I will be in better shape next year so I can keep up with everyone).
So there you have it, proof that I don't just sit on the sidelines and run my mouth.

I'll leave you with my scary face and a high five:

Special thanks to my 10 year old niece for her awesome camera skills and my god-daughter for accepting my muddy high five! Love those girls!


  1. I'm actually signing up for the NorCal one this week...Sunday of Halloween weekend, eek!

    This just reaffirms that I really WANT to do it!

  2. @Hutch - Yay! You're going to have so much fun! Wear clothes that you can throw away, because you will NOT want to wash them!

  3. YOU ROCK! I've been dying to try this. My best friends back home did it and had a blast!! Well done girl! Your facial hair is super cute!

    My only suggestion for mud covered clothing you might want to salvage... take it home in a bag and then take it out to the driveway and with a high powered hose attachment just power was the crap out of it! I used to have jeans I wore 4 wheeling and usually that helped keep them at least in shape to wear them for my NEXT mud ride. If that is too much work follow Cathy's lead and toss the stuff :)

  4. OMG that sounds like so much fun and I am glad to hear that they arent as terrifying as they make them out to be in the ads! I have done the USMC mud run a couple times, so I am not afraid to get dirty....I am gonna have to see if we have one of these runs down here in SD!

    Nice job, by the way!! :)

  5. Cathy just think some people pay hundreds of dollars to go to a spa and wallow in the mud and then moan how yucky it was. You got to do it and actually enjoy it :-) for almost free !