Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NFL Hottie Guide - QB Edition

Somewhere in the mid-to-late 90's a theory developed in the small town of Elk Grove, CA about the correlation of a QB's hotness and his talent on the field.  Basically, if your QB wasn't hot, he was never going to be the next Joe Montana (yay) or Tom Brady (barf).  It's how I knew Jeff Garcia and Alex Smith would be utterly useless, even if Garcia did end up with a porn star or Playboy Bunny (I can never remember which, nor do I care).  Thinking back on the Great QB's  I grew up with, besides the aforementioned Greatest to Ever Play the Game, Montana, you had Marino, Young, Aikman and Favre (notice his hot-o-meter dropped around the same time as his ability).

Today's Elite QB's are no different:

Drew Brees the pics with his son get me every time

Aaron Rodgers and those dimples!

Then there's those normally in the top, but fans may want to be a bit concerned

Tom Brady apparently thinks he's European now

Peyton Manning I know he was injured, but still!

To leave you on a hotter note, I give you those with potential:

Mark Sanchez can't decide if I like him best shirtless...

Or with a hat

Sam Bradford of the Rams

Colt McCoy The Browns may have a chance!

Cam Newton. It's easy to forget about the scandal with a smile like that!

I'm sure there will be some disagreement,
but you can't argue with the facts of history (at least the last 30 years).

Hot = Great

Not Hot = Not Great


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  2. What about super mega adorable Greg McElroy formerly of Alabama and now drafted in the foot steps of Joe Namath to the NY Jets. He's the cutest little redhead ever... OK So he's not starting yet but Sanchez better watch his hot ass ;)

    All great choices... minus the last one. Newton Hater in the house. That's all I'll say about that.

    Thank you for not saying Tebow ;)

  3. I'd say the Jets are in a great position to pull a Niners Montana-Young situation, IF they do it the right way.

  4. But then there is Big Ben Rapistberger to throw a wrench in your theory. Or maybe its more the exception that proves the rule. Haha. Otherwise your theory is rock solid. :)

  5. Whoa. Now THIS is a sports post I "get." I think that Cam dude is super cute. :)

  6. I don't really consider Big Ben one of the Elite anymore, still in the upper level, but not a Top 3 for me. I will admit, however shameful this is, that when he first started I thought he was hot (yes, I'm hiding under my desk now).

  7. You speak the truth.... Hot = easy on the eyes AND the Fantasy Football team. Not Hot = anger.

    And that pic of Brees? Love - AND? so happy he puts ear protection on his kid! I know. I'm odd.

  8. Hutch you aren't alone in the #7 thing - don't hide. Trust me I'm the one with the #7 jersey hanging in my closet that reads Roethlisberger loud and clear.... Homeboy has a lot to prove to the world on and off the field IMO. And that's coming from a die hard Steelers fan that was a hugely die hard Big Ben fan as well. He needs to get his act together.

  9. Not odd, Maegan, I think the same thing every time!

    Thanks Kelly for the support, it took a lot for me to admit that :)

  10. As Jack Lambert, one of the ugliest middle linebackers to play the game (especially when he was minus his front teeth) once proclaimed..."All QB's should wear skirts cause they are sissies." :-)

  11. I vote for Mark Sanchez shirtless.
    Definitely shirtless...

  12. Sam Bradford looks special in that pic.
    Was Peyton ever considered hot?? Um. Ew. (and I'm not a Peyton hater, I just don't think he's hot....maybe it's his voice?)
    Sanchez def looks better with a hat.
    Cam Newton is hot. (even with those tiny ears)
    I have a feeling Rodgers is going to age very well.

  13. There is just something about Tom Brady that makes me want to punch him in the face.

    And I think Mark Sanchez shirtless and with a hat would be the best combination. He was added to my fantasy team precisely for the hotness factor.

    Also...I thought Ben Roethlisberger was hot for a while...until he became a rapist. Then he kind of lost his appeal.

  14. Hutch. You put a picture of Peyton and left out P. Rivs? You are treading on thin ice, lady.

    The only hotness factor for P. Mann is his sense of humor. I will give him that. That does get me a little hot.

  15. I have NOT been paying enough attention to the NFL of late. Where did all these hotties come from??