Monday, September 19, 2011

The Problem with Multiple Fantasy Football Teams and Stuff

Four Fantasy teams in four different leagues sounds great, right?


Instead of winning every game, every week, I find myself rooting for opponents and myself at the same time. OR against myself and opponents at different times.


My opponents in one league, have the same players as me in a different league.

In Week 1 of the FTS league, I had the 2nd highest points total and LOST to Ally (while she's in Paris most likely paying more attention to her husband than football, as she should, since it's his R&R). At the same time, thanks to Ally's QB, the greasy-haired-like-Steve-Nash-but-sort-of-cuter-I-guess-barf, Tom Brady, I won my work league with his 2 TD passes to Wes Welker.

This week, in the FTS league, I'm playing Cathy.  LeSean McCoy had a killer game which allowed me to win, but also allowed my mom, with the same player, to come from behind and beat me in the family/friends league. My points still keep me in the top, and I can't hate on my mom (she's a HUGE reason I love sports after all, AND she's me mom...hello!), but COME ON.

I don't know how I feel about being so torn, week after week. I want to win, but I want my opponents to lose. Why can't I have both?

Unrelated, but to the announcers who called Tony Romo's play yesterday vs. the Niners "the stuff that Legends are made of?" Shame on you! SHAME! Legends around the NFL are spitting on you.  If they're not, I mentally am, from the vomit you made curdle up in my throat. Yeah, I went there, but it's Tony ROMO. The same guy who you were saying blew it last week. Let's all remember he was playing the Niners, with the coach who MUST be vying for the #1 pick in the Andrew Luck Lottery after his ridiculous call to keep the 3 points instead of the yardage while burning time off the clock. For those of you who were watching Emmy's Red Carpet coverage on Fox (when did they start airing real awards shows?) instead of the game, you missed the worst coach-call of the season so far!

In other news, I couldn't be happier that Kyle Chandler (Coach!) and the writers were FINALLY recognized for Friday Night Lights. So much so, I can almost forgive the complete lack of recognition for Connie Britton and the show for Best Drama...almost.

Clear Eyes. Full Hear. Can't Lose.


  1. I'm in 3 leagues this year and having the same issues. Also, I think I'm losing all 3 games this week. OUCH. I can handle losing one game, but 3 is tough.

    Romo is not a legend.

    I don't watch FNL. shhh....

  2. This is Jaime, for some reason it isnt letting me log in....

    Anywho, I am in four leagues as well and here's how I get through it:

    1. I will always root for my real team to win (Go Chargers) even if it means I may lose one or more of my ff matchups. Real life team always > ff teams.

    2.Which ever league involves money, thats the team whose players I am rooting for, unless they are going against my real team. This is always hard. (I am talking about YOU, Tom Brady!!) Thankfully we dont play for big money in the leagues I have buy ins in.

    3. After real team and money comes bragging rights...

    And there you have it, my survival guide to multiple team ff seasons 101. It also helps that I try to draft the same players as best I can, especially the big guns, so I can root for one guy and know he is helping 3 of my teams! :)

    PS: I am SO HAPPY Coach Taylor won last nite, I dont watch awards shows, but this news makes me so happy.

  3. I can't manage my two - I keep forgetting which players are on which team. I'm so glad I turned down the third I was invited to.

    But Kyle Chandler winning makes me feel terribly calm so I can't worry about multiple teams.

  4. Jaime, I have two paid leagues and 2 "bragging rights." After today I will probably be 1-1 in all 4, but luckily still in the top for both paid leagues. It's just a bit stressful :) I think I need to stop switching back and forth between all 4 leagues on stattracker and just walk away from the computer/phone next Sunday. Maybe. We'll see.

    The FNL win definitely brought me a sense of peace!

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