Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stay Classy, San Diego. I'm begging you.

Let's talk about San Diego today.  More specifically let's talk about San Diego and it's sports teams.  Even more specifically?  San Diego. The Chargers and Padres.  And their fans. Or lack thereof.

I love San Diego.  Anyone who knows me or chats with me online knows this after about .0001 seconds.  I am the first to say how narcissistic I am about my town and how I could use a lesson in humility when it comes to San Diego.  But really, folks.  It wasn't dubbed America's Finest City for nothing. We have beautiful year round weather, beaches and landscaping.  We have endless activities, we are family friendly and are a great vacation destination.

The general population of people you meet in San Diego are friendly, laid back, and simply take a moment to enjoy the scenery around them.  You wont typically hear horns blaring, people yelling or feel a general tension in the air to instantly raise your blood pressure.  We love our outdoor activities and have a strong sense of a healthy lifestyle.  This place?  Screams SurferWife.

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Maybe it's this laid back lifestyle and abundance of activities to do on a given day, but where San Diego lacks, in my honest and not so humble opinion?  In it's professional sports fandom.  I will be the first to say it's not easy being a fan of the San Diego teams.  There has been a lot of heartbreak.  The Chargers are like that super hot boyfriend that promises you the world and when you want to cash in on it together as a couple, he never shows up.  

And the Padres?  They are sort of like that red headed step child you never rely on to perform.  He's clearly not the son who's gonna pay for that house on the bluff you want to live in when you retire.  Sure, there have been glimpses of a champion here and there but nothing to sink your teeth into. 

Let me state for the record that when I speak of San Diego Fans, I am whole heartedly including myself and giving myself a severe scolding here.    

Petco Park

We kinda suck, San Diego.

Every time I go to a Padres game the stadium is never full.  And even worse?  Whenever I go, the opposing team has more fans than the Padres do. Are you shitting me?  This is ridiculous and embarrassing.  Here we have this beautiful new stadium in the heart of the gaslamp and we have Giants fans, and Phillies fans, and Rockies fans running rampant through it.  Why in the hell would the Padres want to perform for us when at a home game the opposing team gets more love?  Is that inspiring to them? 

Let's now speak of the big tacky elephant sitting in the middle of this blog post. The Chargers and the constant threat of them fleeing town for *close your eyes* Los Angeles.

Let me state for the record that this would be the biggest sucker punch to our hearts, San Diego.  The Chargers, once upon a time were the LA Chargers and let's be real for a moment.  That was stupid.  They were stupid.  Everything about it was stupid.  Los Angeles is not a good look on a San Diegan.

And before all of you sparkly LA people start yelling at me, I am so allowed to say this because *close your eyes again* I was born in LA.  I am a Los Angeles Native. My little naked SurferWife butt was nearly born on Mulholland Drive one fateful night in the back of a creeper, white, molester van.  So yes, I AM in fact, entitled to have strong opinions about both cities.

Back to the Chargers now.  Stop thinking about my naked butt.  We San Diegans that claim to be Chargers fans?  We are all up in arms and shocked and appalled that the Chargers may leave.  But people, how come every single week there is threat of a black out to The Charger game because we can't sell enough seats to our home games?  Really?  Every week, the news stations, radio stations and every media outlet has to beg our town to buy tickets to our beloved Chargers?

Are you kidding me?  If I had to beg you B-Holes to support me like a big lameass I'd hit the pavement, too.  Especially if the enemy promised me new fancy digs and faithful fans.

What Los Angeles wants, Los Angeles gets.  It's the land of entitlement and if we can't support and defend our beloved pro sports teams, they will take one of them.  And rightfully so.

Let's get our shit together San Diego, we seem to forget that we have more greatness than just our weather, citizens and tourism.  We have The Padres and we have The Chargers.  Instead of just talking about how lame it would be if they left, let's actually take some action and support.  Go buy your tickets now, folks.

You don't want the wrath of SurferWife on you.  Trust.


  1. I live in MN. Guess who else might be heading to LA because their fans suck? The Vikings. I'm not a Vikings fan. There are few people who are, especially right now, but the whole state of MN is better with a team than without. TV blackouts? No one at the games? That happens here too. Vikings fans are fair-weather and when the team isn't winning, people aren't watching.

    People need to realize the economic impacts that Pro sports have on their city. Losing a team is not a good move.

    Also, I've been to San Diego. It is phenomenal. I love it. I hope it stays classy.

  2. I'd be really bummed if the Chargers leave but sadly I think it's going to happen. The damn city council in all the cities where the Chargers tried to get a stadium built blocked the Chargers from even having a vote there. Oceanside, Chula Vista, Escondido, Downtown. You name it they all said no. If the Chargers leave I can't even blame the ownership.

    As for the Padres. The reason they get half empty stadiums is that they are cheap! You can't continue to be a minor league farm system for the Red Sox and Yankees if you want people to show up. The Padres had a great season in 2010 led by Adrian Gonzalez and they don't even try to sign him. I can't stand owners that just want to make a little money and not build a championship contender. I'd rather have the billionaire owner who knows he is going to lose money but will spend money on keeping good players and getting other good players. The Padres fail at this and thus they are awful and no fun to watch whatsoever.

  3. I pretty much agree on all points by Surferwife and the previous commenters so I will now add my own 2 cents:

    Another big problem we have with our fanbase is not many people who currently live here, grew up here. Most people, myself EXcluded, became sports fans when they were alot younger so "their team" is usually from their hometown so you cant exactly blame them for not being a traitor and switching loyalties.

    When it comes to football, the problem is also the all mighty dollar and convenience. I would love to go to every Charger home game, but going to a live football game isnt THAT great. Its absurdly expensive for tickets (even nosebleed seats)/parking/food/beers, etc, and then you have to deal with drunk assholes that fight/vomit/piss and may or may not kill you. Wow, sounds like fun, where do I hand over my money?!

    Why would I when I can sit at home, watch it in HD or 3D on my 59" plasma, on my comfy couch with a fridge full of beers and food?! That is, when the game actually gets on TV....

    The NFL and teams have to make it WORTH IT for its fans to go to the game and they are doing the EXACT OPPOSITE with all the high priced EVERYTHING, luxury seating and boxes, and pushing the fans farther and farther away from the game. They are really biting the hand that feeds them.

    As for the Chargers, well, they are like the super hot asshole, dating the reasonably attractive and kind hearted girl (us) but basically treating her like crap and constantly reminding her that he could do better, and then wonders why we stop returning his calls.

  4. Agree on all accounts. I have nothing to add, except *raising right hand* I promise to go to more games so that I don't have the wrath fall upon me.

  5. I'm in LA and I totally agree with you that the Chargers need to stay in San Diego. LA Chargers just doesn't have the same ring to it.