Friday, October 21, 2011

An All Woman Medical Team - You know it!

A few weeks ago I worked a Freesytle Motocross event in Pomona, CA. 
Or as we like to call it, PRO-mona.  It was at the LA County Fair, last weekend, as is the tradition.
Here is my Chocolate Covered Bacon!
When I say "worked" I mean provided medical coverage for, like bumps bruises, taping some owies, and being on call for "the big one".  The one where some one crashes and is all discomboobilated.  I love it, it's awesome!
Yes, he's vertical

The thing that stuck out to me about it this year was the fact that it was an all-chick crew.

Oh yeah, baby.  You know it!

Ready for Action

I work with a company called 2 The Rescue.  We do specifically action sports event coverage.  There's Coleen, the one that runs the show, she is an EMT in SD, Debbie is Massage Therapist Extraordinaire with her own joint in Medina, OH, and me.
We are the main main.  Others come and "play", as we call it, when we have larger events, but by and large, it's mostly 2 of us or all 3.

Here we are in 2007 before I had my oldest.   I think we were in Phoenix.  There was an event going on with BMX, Skateboarding and a FMX demo.  How mama's, no?

So as I am sitting beside a dirt track in 90 degree heat in OCTOBER, I am thinking about how awesome it is that times have changed.  True, we have a relationship with the tour big wigs, we've been with them for quite a few years now, traveling and what not.  But still.  
There was a time not so long ago, and I'm sure the opinion is still out there, that women are not as good of medical providers as men.  Especially in trauma.  

Who freaking gives birth?  Do you think that is not traumatic??  

C'est moi.
And it's very true that some people can just innately handle trauma and blood and guts and bones sticking out and some can't.  But that applies to both men and women.  I have seen plenty a doctor (MD) looks like a deer in the headlights when someone is gravely injured.  I have seen men and women freak out at the violence of a crash.  
Somehow, the sounds of motorcycles buzzing over my head is oddly soothing.  You learn to listen, you learn what certain sounds mean, a rev here and a silence there.  

Earth mover.

I am proud to part of an all woman medical team.  We know what to do, work well together, respect each others parts and roles.  We put our egos aside to help others.  It's fun.  It makes for a fun work environment.  

I know, novel. 
This week I'm off to Venice Beach for a skateboarding event!  Woot! 
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  1. Sounds like great fun, a professional challenge, and a fine way to give back while having a good time. What more could a girl want ?