Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Be A Boob!

In honor of all things boobalicious this month, I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine and an inspiration to many women-- please meet Diane Silberman:


How Boobs on the Move® has changed my life.

What started in 2004 as a small team walking in a breast cancer 3Day event has since blossomed into a mission to promote healthy, pro-active living to combat disease. Our Boobs on the Move® grass roots local fundraising efforts have morphed into a creative campaign to inspire others to get in shape, take responsibility for their health and join together to create positive change!

As important as the funding we’ve donated ($465,000 for SGK and counting), have been the relationships and friendships formed along the way that have enriched our lives. Not to mention, the knowledge about health, fitness and our environment I’ve garnered by being a part of fighting for a breast cancer cure. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve done more for the cause, or if the cause has done more for me!

When my kids point out a “Boobs on the Move®” sticker on a car of someone I don’t know or on the wall at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, I know BOTM is moving in the right direction! And, when a University called to host an OktoberBreast® block party, and other folks wanted to adopt our name for their teams and events we knew it was time to grow!

Now we’re inviting YOU to take our name, ideas and tools to further the cause of ending breast cancer. Gather your tribe of friends, family or colleagues and create “good karma-producing” community bonds!
Whether you want to get in shape, run a race, raise awareness, get healthy, meet people, do something positive, get even with cancer, inspire hope, honor a loved one, raise money, or just wear pink, we want to support your efforts!

It’s my hope that  Boobs on the Move® will empower YOU to walk/run/swim/drive/ride/roll on to help end breast cancer by providing the tools, inspiration and support to “Get Movin’!”

Occasionally we have things to share with our fans. We are not a non-profit - so we'll never ask you for Money. However, we do have some pretty strong ideas about how to “Be a Boob”, prevent breast cancer and live a healthy, inspired life!  We share thoughts about food, great books, fundraising ideas, inspiring art, moving videos, and even just creative ideas. So, connect with us. Take the first step, BE A BOOB!

Help me to fulfill my dream, and tribute to my mom, that our efforts will spare one mother, sister, daughter, husband, or friend from losing their life, or loved one, to breast cancer.
Join us and “Be a Boob!” on Facebook or Twitter and watch for the launch of our new site www.BoobsontheMove.org !

About Me:  Diane Silberman-  Founder, Boobs on the Move®

I have a BS in Public Relations from Northern Arizona University and a professional background in Management, Interior Design and Sales. Currently, I am a full time mother and volunteer dedicating my time to raising children, awareness for breast cancer initiatives and prevention, and funds for education through the Encinitas Educational Foundation and Flora Vista PTA. I had never done a lick of professional fundraising before I started Boobs on the Move® and enjoy empowering people to get involved! Anyone, and everyone can make a difference, and you never know what that difference will be until you take the first step!

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  1. What a great way to do even more with this cause!!