Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A decision we regret...

Last year, after many years of waiting, J was able to get NY Giants season tickets. He'd been on a waiting list for years with no luck, but when the new stadium was built, seats opened up. He was thrilled...I was less thrilled. I wasn't really a football fan...I just didn't get it. I also thought the new per seat license fee was ridiculous. But I knew he was really excited so I got excited for him...and when the season started, I sucked it up and went to the games.

I sat through heat and humidity in the beginning of the season and frigid temperatures at the end. I unhappily paid $12 for beer and $6 for a hot dog. I spent one entire game getting elbowed in the side by the most annoying kid on the planet. And far too often, I watched the Giants lose.

But a strange thing happened...I started to love the games. I started to understand the rules and I could follow the action. I loved the atmosphere. I loved feeling like a part of something. By the end of the season I stopped dreading the games and started looking forward to them.

I was really looking forward to the new season...and I thought J was too. Which is why I was shocked when I got a call from him at work one day, asking me if I thought we should sell our tickets for this season.

My first response was "No, of course not." But when we really started to talk about it, we realized that we were going to have to miss three or four games due to other commitments. And some of the games we could go to weren't terribly convenient either. Someone had offered us quite a bit of money for our tickets, but he only wanted them if he could have the entire season. In the end, I left the decision up to J and he decided to sell the tickets. His rational was that we could use the money to buy the new TV we wanted and with a 60-inch television it would be almost the same as being there.'s not even close to being the same. I love our new TV...but I really wish we'd kept our tickets. I miss being in the crowd and feeling the energy. Watching on TV isn't really as much fun...even if the beer at home is cheaper and the food is better. And I find myself much more distracted at home...because the game is not always as interesting as Pinterest or People Magazine. We both really regret selling the tickets.

We've talked about it and we are definitely keeping our tickets next year. I just hope the Giants start playing better by then!


  1. My parents are going through the same debate with the Niners and the new stadium. They're unsure for two reasons. It's not actually in SF and the cost with any new stadium. I think they'll regret it if they do, but I wouldn't mind doing a split with them :)

  2. Sometimes you just have to try something to know what you really want. sorry you will miss a season, but think how much you will look forward to the next one ... when you will be back!!