Thursday, October 13, 2011

Give. Walk. Cure.

Unless this is your first visit to From the Sidelines're already know that we've gone PINK for October! I'm in the minority among the chicks in that I adore pink...on a hat or on a bat..on the field or on a heel....I like pink, don't you think? I also love Dr. Seuss.

That bedazzled pink jersey that Hutch posted? I have asked myself at least 5 times today why I don't already own it. And the pink that the NFL players are sporting is getting more of my attention than the actual games. 

And that is all really fantasticallyawesome for getting the word out about breast cancer. But there's another piece to this deadly puzzle...the funding needed to continue the research towards finding a cure. Someday, cancer is going to fall right in line with diseases like tuberculosis. Our children's children will say "well, it was lethal...back then. But no one dies from that anymore." Just imagine it for a second and feel that warm, frothy feeling...which is hope. Or, perhaps your dog has just peed in your lap. 

There are a million ways to donate money to cancer research foundations. Buy one of the 4373392722737736 pink items that are for sale this month or...for something a little more one of the 5K walks being held all over the U.S. While I am unable to participate in one this year, I did the Race for the Cure last year with my AF friends. It started at 8 AM on a Saturday morning, which, usually, is unholy in my book. Anything before 10 AM and/or the first cup of coffee and/or a plate of waffles will simply have to be rescheduled. Plus, it was chilly that morning. Or, chilly for Georgia. But we rose, we shown, and we were highly entertained and inspired by the throngs of fellow walkers and runners who joined us. 

I still want this guy's shirt.

or something like this for my next photo shoot. No more gym time! Yay! 

Even though we had trained with the Couch to 5K in order to run this race, we decided at the last minute to walk it and enjoy the morning and the sights. And it's difficult to run with coffee
 I'm sure Neal would have some deep thought about me walking the line or something...

So, what is my point? I think it's easy to be overwhelmed by the idea of doing a 5K. Walking, much less running, 3.1 miles seems like a large slice of impossible...especially if you've been sedentary for awhile. But the hardest part is signing up and showing up. Once you're there, the atmosphere will fuel you for the race (which, by the way, is less like a race and more like social hour while moving in a forward direction). Watching the parade of survivors lead the way and seeing the signs, t-shirts, banners, and costumes that honor friends and family who lost their battle will bring you through. And when you look up, you will be crossing the finish line...
still smiling and grateful that you got up and got there on a chilly Saturday morning, when it would have been a thousand times easier to lie in bed with coffee and waffles. 

The burly boys of sport are donning their pink and Martina Navratilova is open about her recent battle with breast cancer and Lisa Leslie is using her status as an WNBA player to speak about her mom's diagnosis. So, why not step outside of our comfort zone as we step up to the starting line?


  1. Yay for you! And yay for boobs! I agree, participating in a walk or other event to raise money is a great way to contribute to the fight.

  2. New to this site - and I'm in lurve!
    I did the SGK 3 Day in July, and am volunteering for the 5K that's this Sunday in Boston. My friend who I fight cancer for is doing her first event as a survivor. A 5k is SO doable. Those 60 miles in 3 days? Also totally doable :)