Friday, October 7, 2011

IMAG-ination. A picture filled walk though the sports world.

I came across a few pics recently I thought were interesting!  And since, truth be told, I didn't have a set topic before hand, I thought I would give you a pictorial post and let you know what my eyes see! 

The San Diego Chargers' very own DT Antonio Garay sports around town in a Hello Kitty Car!  Why?  I assume he likes Hello Kitty, and getting shit from his teammates.

Yahoo! Sports
NE Patriot's QB Tom Brady (hubba hubba) cut his ever-lovin' hair - FINALLY!  Thank you, Tom.  I can re-add you to the fantasy list.  And I don't mean football. ;)

Ortiz v Mayweather Jr hug, er, headbutt, er, fight it out.  Ended amid controversy.  Would you expect it any other way??  PS - Jr and myself hail from the same hometown in MI.  Just thought I'd let you know. @asaworldevents
My man Austin Coleman in a downside tailwhip on the vert.  That is all.  It's an amazing site, and sound.  Looks like he is going to go flying to neverland, and sounds like he's gonna bust thru the ramp when he lands.  Love it. 

Not gonna lie, I don't know who this chick is.  But I ran across this pic and it's amazing to me.  On the uneven bars, I could not imagine my body EVER being able to do this....

Again, bad Maegan.  Not sure the name, but I LOVE these slow mo stills of the throwing motion.  Look at that external rotation of his shoulder.  Look at the amount of torso rotation.  Amazing stuff!  All I can say is, ow.

This is just to say, thanks Phil for getting that elbow up and standing straight!  You have allowed us to have you for more than 1 season.  I mean really.  This is when Philip Rivers was at NC State.  Look how LOW his elbow is.  Do you people realize how much stress that puts on the teeny tiny ligaments and tendon attachments around the elbow?  It's amazing he made it thru college.   While he still sidearms it quite a bit, at least he started using a little more of that hot bod, er, I mean shoulder complex to throw a mean spiral.

And lastly, Novak Djokovich.  This isn't from the Open.  I (hangs head) am not sure when it's from.  It definitely illustrates the point, though, that there is a lot of force behind hitting a tennis ball.  I mean he can't even keep his jaw in line!  I jest.  Sort of.  All I want to know is the seconds before he hit the ball or after.  Because with that amount of forearm supination, I wonder what angle he was going for.  I'm thinking it was after.  His torso is also rotated too much to the left to be on approach.  Hmphm.  Those are some abs. 


  1. Those are some really fantastic photos!! And I have to say that athletes put their bodies into positions that really do earn the dolla dollas that they get paid. Except when they are positioned in a Hello Kitty car. And then that's just wrong.

  2. Wow, it's amazing to see what you can capture the body doing in a photograph that you can't see simply by watching!