Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is how they do it in Kentucky...

I don't have much experience with college football. I went to NYU...we didn't have a football team. While my friends at other schools were painting their faces with their team colors and spending their Saturdays tailgating and cheering their teams on, I was...well, not doing that. Lately, I've been feeling like I missed out on something awesome by not having that college football experience.

Lucky for me...I happened to be in Kentucky this weekend with Allyson and Hutch and Allyson decided to give me the college football experience that I never the University of Kentucky Wildcats game on Saturday.

We started out at Fan Outfitters...THE place to buy all things UK. We got t-shirts and face tattoos and earrings. Once we were fully dressed in our UK blue and white, we made a necessary stop at Liquor Barn for the makings of mimosas. Then we headed to the stadium.

We went to a tailgate party being thrown by some friends of Ally's where we paired our mimosas with some really delicious food and cupcakes.

When the game started, we headed into the stadium and Ally warned us not to expect much. Apparently, the Wildcats are having a pretty rough season and have been losing quite a bit. With our expectations low, we found our seats...and were pleasantly surprised to see that the Wildcats were winning. We watched what turned out to be an excellent game and we cheered the Wildcats to a 38 to 14 victory!

And we learned some things along the way as well. Like...

Kentucky fans party with great enthusiasm...

This guy was so funny. He shook his butt to every song they played. He was actually more entertaining to watch than the dance team.

The cheerleaders actually win more national championships than the football team...

They were pretty great...although there were a few times that they seemed to have lost their way. At one point, a girl was walking around with a cardboard fence...but since she lost her corresponding "D" it really didn't make a lot of sense.

Oh...and if you are going to talk smack about how bad the team might want to make sure you aren't sitting with one of the players' mom. Which is exactly what we were doing. (We're really sorry Mrs. George!)

I must first college football experience was a great one. Thanks so much to Allyson for making it happen.


  1. So. Much. Fun.

    I need more details.

  2. Even colleges with terrible football teams, like say ... the College of William and Mary, have great football weekends. And, did you notice that the dancing guy has on a tie? Very correct!

    Glad Ally filled in your bucket list with a great game!

  3. SO FUN! I should have known Ally wasn't going to let a chance to enjoy champagne slide! You girls feel up for a romp to Tuscaloosa this weekend ;) We are heading down for the Alabama vs. LSU bloodfest!! And I can't wait. Wedding planning is OVER and now it's totally GAME TIME!!! :)