Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're on the Same Team.

Here I am just a little over 2 weeks until am no longer a Miss and become a Mrs. It's crazy. It seems like only yesterday he popped the question. Since I've said before there's really nothing on my mind right now other than the wedding I had to figure out again someway to talk about sports when all I can think about is freaking flowers and wine selection. Then it dawned on me, if it wasn't for the awesome teamwork that my fiance and I have together I would be more frazzled than I am right now.  This then had me think about the fact that we root for the same teams in sports which makes us a great duo.

Not I am not saying that couples have to root for the same team, but it does help on game day. If you are dating someone who is mature and can take a good ribbing when their team is playing yours then I salute you and your significant other. In return if you're mature enough to take the ribbing then by all means, date that guy/gal that loves your rival. I personally might take stuff too seriously sometimes, but I try my best to let things roll off my back. It doesn't always work out that way for most people, or for me on most days. Bad game = grumpy Kelly, that is the bottom line.

As I said my fiance, Mike and I root for the same teams. He's adopted the Pittsburgh Steelers and I've adopted the Alabama Crimson Tide. This makes for great celebrations when we win and long nights of patting me on the back telling me it will be OK when the Steelers lose. Yeah... I'm that girl.

In the past I haven't been so lucky. I've dated a Ravens fan - thankfully football never came up in the 6 months that we dated or it might have only lasted 2, if he was lucky. I also dated a Miami Dolphins fan, and was quite good at keeping my mouth shut when they had less than stellar seasons, mostly because he took the losses harder than I ever would if it was my team. I once chatted and went on a date with an NC State fan, and he ribbed me most of the evening for being a Tarheel fan. Can we say annoying? The times I did date guys that had a strong issue with my favorite team, it made for difficult game watching. Trash talk is fun for a moment then it gets a little heated. For the record I will NEVER understand men trash talking girls at the bar. I've had guys actually talk smack to me about my team, and my QB. Sure it's the Steelers, sure it's expected, they are one of the most hated teams in the NFL and I'm all for equal rights but I'm a woman damn it... go pick on someone w/ a dick that actually might fight you over what you have to say.

Other than my fiance I've only had one other relationship where we both cheered for the same teams across the board. We both loved the Steelers and we both loved UNC Basketball, and if we lasted into other sports seasons we might have been magical - you would have thought it was destiny, but in the end all the sports love couldn't keep him from cheating so I traded myself to another team and put up with a guy that wanted to root for the Dolphins. I can't hate on Dolphin Lover though it was his home team and I myself am not rooting for my "home" team, well at least not as a first choice. [I still love you Skins! Hell of a year so far!].

Bottom line you don't have to root for the same team in my opinion, a little playful ribbing is fun here and there. And it makes for awesome head to head battles. Here locally people make a ton of money on items showing the Alabama and Auburn logos with a saying that reads "A House Divided". And it's so true. But, I have to say, rooting for the same team, and being on the same team makes a relationship much easier... and a marriage too, that's just my bullheaded... don't want to hear my hubby talk smack about my team losing to his team opinion.

For the record... I love him so much I watch WWE, TNA and other wrestling shows with him. Seriously, that's love.


  1. My hubby and I are (obviously) on different teams, but our game day was SO much fun. It was kind of awkward at first, because neither of us really wanted to brag too much. (Plus, my team ended up beating the CRAP out of his anyway! haha!) It was fun, though! At the end of the day, it's a super competitive fun game to watch, but we still love each other more. :)

  2. Kallay the whole time I wrote this I thought of you, and that picture of you and your hubby all painted up :) ox