Monday, October 10, 2011

When Pink Belongs in Sports

I'm normally not a fan of pink in sports.  The pink jersey, hat, shirt, etc offends me when pink is not actually one of the teams colors.  If you want to show you're a fan wear the actual colors of the team!  I never wore orange before my Cuse days and outside of Halloween or gameday you won't find me in anything within the orange color family.  I wear it to show support for my team.  And the whole bedazzled jersey?!?! Oy.

If you're wearing this I'm silently judging you
and the NFL should be embarrassed to sell it.

However, I fully support pink in relation to Breast Cancer Awareness and sports.  My grandmother, who taught me about football, survived this horrible disease which claims so many.  Though she's no longer with us, I know she'd be proud of what the NFL is doing this season. I am happy to see all the major sports do what they can to raise awareness and would definitely wear the below version of pink. I even have an SF Giants shirt from the MLB campaign a couple years back.

Now THIS is classy!

Breast Cancer Awareness supersedes sports and goes beyond just showing support for your team.

P.S. Don't forget to check your boobies!


  1. I am not as terribly opposed to the pink in sports as you are but I equally love seeing this month throughout the NFL.

  2. I agree. I feel that if you are going to support your team you should wear their color. It just confuses us old people who can't see very well. ;) I do fully support sports teams who wear pink for breast cancer awareness though!