Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did Joe Paterno do the right thing???

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard about the child sex abuse scandal going on at Penn State and the involvement of their football coach, Joe Paterno. Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator, was allegedly abusing little boys…with one incident taking place in the Penn State locker room. The incident was reported to Joe Paterno and Joe, in turn, reported it to the university administrators. Nothing was done, it wasn’t reported to the authorities and the abuse continued.

This morning, it was announced that Joe Paterno would step down as head coach at the end of this season. Some people are calling for his immediate resignation while others would like to see him remain as head coach.

I understand why people would want him to stay…why they don’t want to believe he did anything wrong. The man is a legend. He’s the oldest and most winning coach in college football. He’s an institution…and now his legacy and his 46 year career as head coach will forever be tarnished by this scandal. It’s really unfortunate.

However, what happened to those kids was tragic. If the allegations are true, those children’s lives were changed forever at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.

Now, I wasn’t there. I don’t know exactly what happened. But it seems that that people knew about what was happening…they could have stopped it, but they chose to do nothing. It seems as though they chose the reputation of their school and their football team over the well being of those kids. And that is completely unacceptable.

If Joe Paterno was one of those people…one of the ones who knew and did nothing to stop it, then he deserves whatever happens…and he should step down now.

What do you think? Did Joe know what was going on? Should he have done more? Or is he just caught up in an unfortunate scandal?


  1. My husband caught me up on this last night. I have conflicting feelings. It sucks that he is going to be punished for something that someone else did. But when it comes saving a child from sexual abuse, you have to do everything in your power to make sure that isn't happening.

  2. I'm so torn on this because I love the loyalty of Paterno. I don't know if there's another coach like him, but I kind of feel like his resignation is an admittance of guilt. Clearly if something happened in 2002, he didn't do everything he could.

  3. While passing the information up the line to one's boss might have been the established procedure, there is no way to excuse 1) not stopping the incident right that minute (grad student) or 2) calling 911 (grad student and Paterno) or 3) renewing Sandusky's contract (Paterno and the AD - maybe even the President) and 4) not stopping the children's activities at Penn State (all of them).

    They were all practicing CYA, and while it is sad that Paterno appears to be headed for paying for that by ending his career, he was in the business of training young men - even those who were too young to actually play for him. Shame on all of them!

  4. I'm late to the game on this ... and after all the light that has currently been shed on this, I do think Joe was wrong not to go to the authorities, as were the witnesses. He did what he may have thought was right but it wasn't enough in my opinion. It's really a shame to have first done nothing wrong and then take the SERIOUS blow for it years later for not doing all that you could have. My heart aches for those kids and their families.

    I agree with Webb - and I myself am a fan of Penn State, not loyal, not watch them every weekend fan but I did love the football program, just saying that makes me feel dirty. :(