Thursday, November 3, 2011

Football Stress, Ball of Stress?

Who's that girl with a weddin' band on her hand? It's me... it's me! So I'm married now. [I wish I could insert a great image of me and my husband waving our Alabama shakers on the dance floor but I haven't seen the proofs yet]. I hitched myself to the man of my dreams on October 22nd, survived a Tropical Storm on my honeymoon in Mexico and now that all I have left to do is #1 be an amazing wife and #2 put away all those awesome gifts we got!

Now that the wedding is all said and done, I'm not sad - I'm actually anxious to sit down and enjoy my weekends to the fullest and have them all to myself, well and my hubby as well. Since the beginning of football season our weekends have been a non-stop event of either appointments, crafts, research or shopping and I for one am totally over that now. I'm not a girlie girl so the spoils of being a bride might have been wasted on me a bit. Tanning was a chore, getting hair, make-up and nails done cut into my time relaxing, sleeping and watching trash tv. The weekends have been officially reclaimed as FOOTBALL CENTRAL as they always rightfully are this time of year, in our household. Saturdays belong to College Game Day, specifically SEC Football - following the Crimson Tide and all other teams in our division to see who's doing well, who's not doing so well and rooting against our least favorite team in our division... if you're from Alabama, or an SEC fan you know who I mean. But trust me when I say we aren't d*ckhead Alabama fans, we're actually cool ones you'd want to share a tailgate space with - unless you shame our team... then you're on your own.  

Sundays then are reserved for NFL Game Day! Mike is content with watching just about any football game all weekend long. He was never like this before. When we first dated I watched many a Steelers game by myself in the living room while he did other things around the house. Something changed in him at about year 3, he started to get into watching the Steelers play [I was so excited], and then I in turn started to watch more and more Alabama and college football. He's so into it now that on Sunday I have to ask him NOT to turn on football. Maybe if I did Fantasy Football I'd be excited, but I don't and by 4:00 pm on Sunday, if the Steelers have already played, I'm footballed out and I need to watch something more "home improvement" or "foodie" oriented to get realigned with my inner Kelly. 

This weekend, is a big deal, we had originally planned to high tail it to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs. LSU game but have since decided a weekend at home, without travel might be just the ticket. We've been running as a couple on wide open for over 2 weeks now. So instead of being belly up to the bar in downtown T-Town we'll probably be either belly up to the bar in our favorite watering hole here or comfortably yelling on our couch drinking left over wedding booze.

This weekend is big, HUGE for Alabama and for LSU. #1 vs. #2!!! I hope I have the sense NOT to bite my nails since I've worked so hard to make them NOT look like a construction workers hands but yet more like that of a lady. I can't make promises though because after the dust settles at Alabama's house then the rumble will come on Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens take on my Steelers in Pittsburgh. The first game of the season was one that made me hang my head in shame. The Ravens whooped us, in fact I don't feel like the Steelers truly showed up for that game. I was PISSED. I have NO idea what the Steelers were thinking. I mean really guys, when have the Ravens EVER backed down or not tore us a new one, or at least tired in all the years we've gone head to head? Ummm, that would be never. All I can say is the Steel Curtain better get in the game and be prepared. I can't take the stress.

I always joke that football season gives me a stress induced ulcer. I might not have an actual ulcer but I have gotten headaches from the freak outs during a game. I have an issue with holding my breathe when the ball hangs in the air, and usually if the play goes bad the exhale is usually full of the S-word or even the F-word. And usually louder than needed. Yeah, I'm one of those people. Not pretty. Note to all: Don't bring your kids to my house for a football game, unless you want them to learn a new colorful word to share with their grandparents.

If there is anything I hate more than stress from a game, is hecklers. I believe in good sportsmanship and I will never be ugly to a fan, at a game or in my home. Even during the Iron Bowl, and even if Alabama is down by 7, or more against Auburn - I'm not going to be mean to an Auburn fan... unlesssssss they are mean to them then it's game over. In the long run it just causes stress... stress I don't need.

I used to think it was strange when people would get SO upset when their teams lost. I can remember guys I was friends with in high school coming to class on Monday just bummed or pissed their team lost. I never got that... until recently. I'd be lying if I said that often times after a Steelers loss, Mike has to pat my back and tell me it will all be OK. I get grumpy, angry and bitter. Thankfully this lasts about an hour and I truly feel I only get that way because it opens me up to getting the heckles on Facebook from all my Raven Fan friends back home in Maryland. And no one wants to see their facebook wall covered in trash talk, do they? Especially after a loss.

This weekend will be full of football stress for me, but I'd much rather have that than any planning of event stress that I have dealt with, while it was minimal, I still would much rather stress over the score, and the BCS standings than stress about napkin colors or how to wear my hair.

So tell me, are you a calm cool and collected fan, or do you stress to the point your hair might fall out?

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