Monday, November 14, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

With so much going on this weekend, I couldn't focus on one specific area. Instead, here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the Weekend in sports.

The Good:

  • The Niners are 8-1. Eight AND One. 8 wins, 1 loss. Yes, I have to repeat it just to believe it.  I loved when ESPN ranked them #2 the last two weeks, but I'm not sure I really believed until now.
  • Eli Manning with 2 pick 6's (or is it 2 picks 6?), and couldn't finish the job. We all know SurferWife is happy!
  • Apparently the NFC West didn't like all the shit talked about how bad they are and took it out on those East coast teams. Heh. (As a Niners fan I shouldn't want this, but I can't help but defend the league)
  • Mike Matheny takes over for LaRussa as the STL Cardinals manager. I LOVE Matheny and couldn't be happier for him. Good Luck!

The Bad:
  • I think there might be a new obnoxious fan base rivaling Duke and Ohio St...Oregon!  Every time I see "OOOOOO" written out all I can think of is Office Space. And could sportscasters/writers be anymore up the Duck's ass? I don't really care about the Pac-10/12 teams, but now we're going to be hearing even more about Oregon. I might have to move again.
  • The Ravens and Cowboys are battling it out for most bipolar team in the NFL. I wish the Cowboys would just stick with depression. Who needs the high?
  • What is up with the kidnappings in Venezuela? I'm so glad Ramos is alive and well, but it's treated like no big deal because it happens so much. Um, pretty sure kidnapping is a big deal. Maybe that's just me.

The Ugly:
  • During the down years of my Niners fandom I started watching the Bears. I graduated HS with Lance Briggs so I've followed his career since. His hit against Johnson made me sad.  The whole game just felt dirty, and not the good dirty. More like Raiders or Steelers dirty.
  • Shana already covered the horrible Penn State scandal, but what has come out since makes me nauseous. Apparently there's even more that has yet to be released. At this point I'm not sure I want to know. 

To not end on a sour note, here's part of the NFL's tribute to honor our Veterans:


  1. I have been absolutely giddy over the 49ers this year. This is why you stick with a team through the rotten years: because the good ones are SO good.

  2. I was at the Niners game yesterday. Not great football, but a great game for sure. Cheers!

  3. I'd like for you to add the Chargers to the Ugly or bi-polar list. Ew.

    Also, I was super vested in your game yesterday. A. Because who doesn't like to see SchmELI look like an asshole. 2. I had the Niners as my pick in Survivor football. It was a nail biter for a minute but they pulled it off. Whoop.

  4. I am SO over the Ducks and listening to them being discussed for sure. Steelers? Dirty? Really??? ;) hehe

    I'm beside myself over all the Penn State stuff - it makes me ill and want to cry at the same time. Just horrible.