Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Movember already?!

Movember? With an M?

Yes! M for Moustache.

I can talk about the 'stache. Why? Because my dad wears one.

 Because my Great Great Grandfather totally rocked one.

Because I get my upper lip waxed on the regular. What? I'm hairy.

Moving on.

It's Movember!

What the heck is Movember? According to their website it's a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health. Men start with a clean shave Nov 1 and grow their 'staches all month. They raise money and awareness for cancers that affect men, like prostate and testicular. Sometimes they get their lady friends involved (like me). Women are known as a MoSistas while the men are MoBros.

Because I'm an overachiever I came up with some fun money raising ideas. Throughout Movember I'll be auctioning off some handmade items over on my personal blog. Lovely things made by fellow bloggers you know and love. There'll be things for men and women and maybe even babies, who knows! I know a lot of crafty bloggers and guarantee you'll want what they have to offer; if not for yourself then for Christmas presents!

I'll explain the details over at Antsy Pants within the next few days. Right now, you just need to now that it's Movember. And things are gonna start happening.  You don't want to miss a minute of the action...or any of those fun handmade things I was talking about. There may even be a giveaway. If you donate. Details soon.

Why am I talking about this on a sports blog? Because we just spent a whole month talking about Breast Cancer, now it's time to show the men some love!

Head over to my Mo' page and take a look around the Movember site.
The Dirt Reynolds for the win!


  1. MoBros and MoSistas might be my favorite terms from a campaign ever! I've had friends who've done this the past couple years, always fun to see their mustaches at the end of the month :)

  2. Love the staches my buddies have grown the past few years. Love that you're getting involved! Talk about these (a.k.a. us) chicks being all good and raising awareness!

  3. Go Movember!
    Many of the players on the Edmonton Oilers grow moustaches for Movember - and its hilarious.
    Any way to raise awareness is good

  4. I cannot WAIT to tell Neal in the first 5 minutes that I see him that he has to grow out his stache for November! Thank you Army for giving him a month off. How convenient!! ;-D

  5. I have heard of No Shave November, I think it started as a hunting thing, but I haven't heard of this! Hilarious! I'm going to have to ask Ryan to do this. He'll love it. He's not afraid to rock facial hair, even though he can't grow any beyond his goatee area. Poor guy.