Monday, November 7, 2011

A Solution for NBA Fans

Dear NBA Fans,

Word on the street is your season might not happen...AT ALL.  I've heard many of you whine and moan about what to do in the meantime. You're at a loss on how to fill the giant void in your life the lack of NBA basketball has left. No longer will you have superstar athletes, who make the game all about them, to watch.


Fret not, I have a solution.

There's a game with such a fast pace it makes watching the NBA feel like you're actually watching golf. The players of this game even work together to win. Yes, a TEAM sport!  The same game has a playoff system college football envies, but can't figure out how to replicate. With this game you can dedicate an entire month to drinking, brackets and all around Madness (combines very well with St. Patrick's Day instead of conflicting with family holidays, like, say, Christmas?).

I think you can guess where I'm going.

Now is the perfect time to try out college basketball. If you don't have a team to follow, Syracuse will gladly take the bandwagon fans, going in to the season ranked #5, we're not a bad bet (I don't care what Grantland says, I will always refer to my teams as "we").  Or try a local team. Big East, SEC, ACC, PAC-12...I'm sure you can find a team to love.

You've had time to complain (and I do get how upsetting losing a season can be), but now it's time to stop pouting and do something about it. Unless you're directly involved in the negotiations I think college basketball is the best solution you will find. You never know, you might actually enjoy it.


Hutch, a former NBA fan

P.S. I have a bet with Ally on our teams (U of Kentucky and Cuse). Whoever's teams goes further in the season is the winner, and the loser buys the other dinner.  I still need to pick a Sacramento restaurant, surprisingly enough there's a lot to choose from here.


  1. OMG...OK...first of all...You are so not allowed to say "U of Kentucky"'s UK...even if everyone thinks you are referring to the United Kingdom. ;) Secondly, UK happily accepts ALL bandwagon fans. And most people look better in blue and white than blue and orange. I mean, really, who can rock orange? A witch. That's about it. Dear NBA Fans...if you want to watch college football for longer, watch UK. Guaranteed to play a longer post-season than Syracuse.

    This trash-talking brought to you by my first cup of coffee. ;) xoxo

  2. Love this. However, don't forget that some cities have the option to go and watch the NBA Development League (known as D-League)! They aren't associated with the lockout, so have fun! ;)