Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What do you do when your local team just doesn't do well?

Are you a joiner or a lifer? A joiner is jumping on the bandwagon; when your local team does well, you become a super fan. A lifer is one who rides the lows and the highs; loving the team no matter what.

Which are you? I'm a joiner with MLB, I don't follow all year long. But come playoffs, I'm all about it. NBA? I'm a lifer. Live and breath. College football? I'm a lifer. NFL? I could actually care less.

Since I don't have any NBA to watch any time soon, I'm stuck with all football. College and NFL. Well, college is still very exciting, but the NFL is really starting to drag. At least in these parts.

Here's my question, what does a city do when it's top billing teams are either not playing at all due to a lockout, or are technically playing, but really still not playing at all? Yes, Cowboys, I'm talking about you. Deal with it.  The Dallas Mavericks just won the NBA Championship. Now that's all well and good that the Mavs are looking at a two season Championship without actually having to do anything, but what is it doing to fans and the city itself? People aren't buying merchandise because the excitement is gone. The arena isn't making its money because it's not full, which means all those people are basically out of jobs (most are hourly wages), and it just trickles down from there.

Well, even thought the NFL is playing, the Cowboys are just not playing well. And Dallas is known to be a joiner/bandwagon city, so that means the crowds will diminish at JerryWorld. Which means less revenue, and on and on and on.

So, not only are people's ideas of sports and good feelings toward the city and teams going downhill, the economy is potentially too. Am I putting too much stalk in this? Maybe. But it's worth a thought.

So, what do you do? Do you just become a lifer and support and spend the money anyways? Can that happen if the passion isn't there? How does the team survive if the fans go away?

I don't have a clue, but it's worth a thought.


  1. Football's strong enough here that even when the Niners were doing poorly the stands were still pretty packed. I'm telling you though, college basketball could change your life :)

  2. The Bears fill seats even when they're do the Cubs. Can't say the same for the Blackhawks though. It really seems to be a culture thing.

    And honestly, I just can't fake it with sports. I have never cared about hockey and even when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, while I was excited for them I was also kind of...meh. Not my bag.

  3. I like this concept of being a lifer, follower etc. I would say I have my favorite teams and support them come hell or high water. It has to be tough on a town with a not so great football team. Being from Maryland and raised in a Redskins household my entire life, I've seen first hand many friends and family be upset about the skins but STILL forge forward. I'm a Steelers fan so we've been riding fairly high for a few years now... minus last year... but it doesn't hurt my love for the team. I know that even if we had horrible YEARS I'd still sport my gold and black and I would hope the town wouldn't do anything short of the same. The beauty of Pittsburgh... all the teams sport the same colors, so it's a win win! The cowboys really should be hanging their head... all that money to build that mecca of a stadium and they are playing horrible. The Mavs totally need to rub that in their faces :)

    NFL, Lifer, College - new Lifer, NBA - follower but not passionate, College Bball - love but not a lifer... MLB - Lifer Go O's!

    I think it at least goes well for a town to have great teams across the board but it doesn't happen that way most cities can do well to have one sport carry them year to year. :)

  4. I'm a lifer, though I do become an MLB joiner when my Angels aren't in the playoffs. Diehard Angels fan, avid 49ers fan (this year ROCKS).

    But I live in Southern California and the last couple of years of Dodger baseball have been downright embarrassing. I'm not a Dodger fan, but it's still really awful to watch this team go so downhill because of the owner issue and whatnot. I guess you just have to ride it out and hope for some decent players.