Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's so terrible, I don't even want it in writing.

Yes, that's exactly how I feel about the NBA at the moment.

There is so much going wrong with the players, the owners, and especially the commissioner.

The season is about to get underway and I can barely channel excitement for it. Yes, me the one in this group of fab ladies that is all NBA all the time, can barely think about the season starting. I KNOW.

The commissioner was the tip of the iceberg for this season. Mr. David Stern (henceforth known as Mr. Idiot) had the NBA League purchase the New Orleans' basketball team previously because they were in such financial difficulty (this was completely unheard of before, no one could believe it happened). Well, New Orleans wanted to trade Chris Paul to Cali, and Mr. Idiot didn't want that to happen so he halted the trade. The commissioner halted the trade. He didn't let it happen. First time for the NBA ever. Why would he care? No clue, but it was a dumb move. He'll be asked to step down once the season starts. If he doesn't, the NBA needs a new Board of Directors.

Then, my Mavericks. I'm so dissapointed, I've barely been able to even pay attention to trades. I know it could still work and it could still be an amazing season. I know. However, we traded my love, Tyson Chandler; we traded JJ Barea and Caron Butler. Three amazing players, three who helped to pave the way for our rise to glory. And who did we get? We got Mr. Kardashian himself, Lamar Odom. Yes, I know many girls are excited about this, because that means a Kardashian will be living in Dallas. You're preaching to the wrong choir girl on that front for me. I would rather scratch my eyes out that deal with that hot mess. Also, Odom is a dirty player. I don't like that, you don't have to play dirty to be a good player. In fact, to be a good player, you shouldn't have to play dirty.

The other trades, I don't really understand. And, it's happening all over with the teams. I'm just at a loss. It's like the league is falling apart at the seams. I'm already tired of what is to come. Because, I know it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm just wondering what the owners and scouts have up their sleeves, cause it's gotta be better than what's happening right now. . . . right??

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  1. I used to love the NBA but have found myself less than enthusiastic in recent years. With this whole trade mess, I'm looking ever more fondly forward to the start of baseball.