Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Been Bit By the Bug

On two separate occasions over the past 4 years I've tried to become a "runner" through individual training programs. The first time was a similar program to C25K, only it started with distance not time intervals. I stopped following after two weeks, but kept going on my own, peaking around the 2-2.5 mile mark.  Then I lost my job, my thryoids majorly crashed for a 2nd time and I couldn't run more than a half mile without dying.  I tried the C25K this past June and found myself bored and unmotivated.

Failing - 2
Hutch - 0

In October I decided to try again, signing up for the local Fleet Feet No Boundaries group.  Putting myself in the run/walk group initially, I struggled with breathing and keeping a manageable pace. After my trip to Kentucky though something just clicked.  I switched to the running group and a week later I ran a complete 4 miles, outdoors, for the first time ever!  I'm not sure I've ever experienced a high like that before. I don't even know how to explain it.  My body definitely surprised me.

Since then I've completed 6 miles with the training group and ran my first 5K.  I understand why they say your race pace will be entirely different than how you train. I took almost 30 seconds off my mile pace that day and have managed to maintain on my shorter runs since. 

I've already signed up for the Shamrockin' Half Marathon in March and of course the training group, which starts in January. This month I'm focusing on strengthening my legs and the nagging IT band issues.  The quad roller (part of the Trigger Point set) is my new favorite torture device.  If you have any kind of ITB or tightness issues toss the foam roller and use this.  When I went in for Fleet Feet's trigger point class, the instructor said "If you haven't found religion yet, you will tonight."  Um, yes. He was right.

Ignore the lint, my carpet's a collector.

I may only be running 1-2 days/week right now, but I itch to put on my shoes and get outside almost every day.  It's official, whatever bit Cathy has come after me too!

I'm a runner.

And I have pretty shoes! Yes, my feet are freakishly small.


  1. I'm currently attempting to become a runner again too. At this point I'm trying to run short distances more frequently (5 times a week) in hopes that I will eventually be able to run 4-5 miles at a time. If I fail, I'm still at least combating my holiday binge eating this month!

  2. You rock! It's weird how something just clicks, right? I totally know what you're talking about. It's always up and down for me--so don't be surprised if you get a bad one in there sometime. Just know that once you've found the "good" it will be easier to keep going. So inspired by you! I meant to run in Palm Springs and it was so cold that of course I didn't. Fail. I've been seeing those shoes all over blogland and I am in love. Are they as nice to your feet as they are cute?

  3. Awesome! Can you please send the running bug my way? I have been bitten by the fat and lazy bug, the effects of which have cancelled out my previous running bug symptoms. LOL.

  4. If I had shoes like that I think I would want to wear them every day too. Of course, I still don't think I'd want to run...but that's a whole different story.

  5. Yay for bug bites! What?

    It's so fun to be doing this running thing "with" you. Even though we don't actually get to run together on the regular (how rad would that be!) it's fun to encourage each other! So excited you signed up for a half too. Yours is before mine, so you'll have to let me know what to expect.

    Those shoes are super cute. I need to go get a "fitting" to make sure I'm wearing the right shoes.

  6. Love this, and I'm so excited for you!!!

  7. Every time I get into running, something happens to derail my progress. But I'm trying to keep with it.

    Good luck to you! And I love your shoes!

  8. Good for you!!! I love those shoes and I'd kill to have small feet like that - mine are BOATS! :)