Friday, December 2, 2011

The ole Pickle Juice trick, eh?!

Yesterday, this article popped up on Yahoo! Sports.

Meet The New Sports Drink: Pickle Juice

Oh yes, people.  You read that right.

I used to give this to high school football players ALL THE TIME!!!!

See what happens is, it gets hot, or you are a heavy sweater and then you start to cramp up.  The cramping from heat, we all get that, but what about your normal, run of the mill cramper - how does that happen?  And WHY?!

Who knows? 

My assumption was there was something inherent in their physiology that caused them too lose sodium or any other of the several key electrolytes too quickly and BLAMO! Cramps!

There are actually 2 old school grandma methods of cramp relief, as well as several "modern" ones. 

1. Pickle Juice

 2. Mustard

I used to carry packets of mustard in my kit for when people cramped up.  Chase it with some water, stretch and you are good to go.

The pickle juice, I always recommended as a preventative measure.  Because it's hard to carry a jar of pickle juice around in your medical kit. 

A shot every night, and an extra one before the game on game day.  Worked great!
When you make pickles, you have to brine and marinate the cucumbers, making them shrivel, because of all the liquid lost.  Well, brining mix has TONS of sodium in it, as well as other elements of what our body uses for electrolytes. 

So if you or someone you love is a cramper, buy some pickles.  Or yellow mustard. 


  1. Huh. Does that work for PMS cramps too? Because THAT would ne awesome!!

  2. My ex-boyfriend, who was a personal trainer, used to swear by putting mustard powder into a bath to help sore muscles. I've never tried it, but I think you have convinced me to.

  3. I've never heard of either, but having recently picked up the running bug I have a feeling this will definitely come in handy!