Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tebow Manialarity

As I sat in the Portland airport checking my phone during the 3 hour wait thanks to a lovely delayed flight, I couldn't help but notice all the Pats fans reactions to their win. Any other game against a mediocre opponent you wouldn't hear a peep. Well, maybe a peep, they are New England fans after all, but not to this extent. Throughout the week they (among many others) complained about how much coverage Denver's QB was receiving, calling ESPN the Tebow network. Then it was about how much they hate Tebow. After the game it was all about how they Tebow'd Tebow, they beat the unbeatable. Guess what guys? You're only feeding the hype.

I can't help but find this whole situation amusing. It seems you have to either love him or hate him. Maybe my lack of caring about college football keeps me out of either group, but has there ever been a rookie QB to cause this much controversy throughout the league's fans? Not even Alex Smith could match it.

I will admit to laughing in awe with how little quarterbacking skill he used on those multiple comebacks. I even hoped he would do the same to the Pats just to watch the haters suffer and the worshippers continue with their ridiculousness. Sadly, he showed he really is human and not the 2nd coming. What will his followers do?

Whatever their reactions, I can't wait to be entertained by the extremes. 


  1. I have to say... I drink Hater-Aid when it comes to Tebow. I think he's a good kid, with talent but I really feel he's over hyped. He has a lot to learn, but I do think he's got a career ahead of him - I just would rather not hear SO much about him. My eyes can take any more rolling ;)

  2. I sort of don't care about him. He's an ok quarterback. He is very religious. Neither of those things inspire my ire.

    If I have to be honest, the Bears handed him that game last week. But that's our fault, not a reason to hate the kid.

    Also, did you see this?

  3. Isn't he the jackhole from Florida? The one that made UK look like a high school team every time we played them? Yeah...I don't like him.