Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Worthless? Idiotic? I beg to differ.

One week ago the Packers offered their first stock sale in 15 years. And I bought a share.


Let me start by saying that I completely understand what I bought. I understand that buying stock in the Packers is really more like a donation. My stock will never make me any money. I'm totally ok with that. I love my team and I want them to prosper. So I gave them my money.

Last Tuesday there were articles written about how dumb Packers fans are for buying something "worthless". Worthless, you say? Because of my donation Lambeau field will get 6,700 more seats. And, the citizens of Green Bay won't have to pay for those seats through tax increases. Nope. The fans have taken that burden off the community. I'd say that's worth something.

I also have access to exclusive merchandise from the Packers Pro Shop and I get a fancy certificate with mine and my husbands name on it. See. Totally worth it! Was this an emotional purchase? Of course. This wasn't driven by logic. I know I just gave nearly $300 to the Packers and I personally get very little in return. But, really, I know women who buy shoes and purses that cost more than that. They wear them for a season and then what? They get their money back? No. I at least can take pride in the fact that I helped my team improve it's stadium.

Everyone knows that the Packers organization is unique. The have been a publicly owned, non-profit corporation since 1923 governed by a board of directors and executive committee. No other team is set up like that. It's part of the reason our fans are so insane. We know we have something special. When the opportunity came along to really become part of the Packers organization, I jumped. May my loyalty never be questioned.

And because I knew exactly what was being offered and decided to buy anyway, may my intelligence never be insulted.


  1. I think the people talking shit were probably just jealous. How can you not love the concept? If the Niners were to do it, I'd be all in. This makes more sense than a $10K seat license! The Niners organization would never be able to pull it off though, they're too focused on moving the team outside of the city and in to a congested crap hole :)

  2. We thought this was great and John bought a share as well. He's a Giants fan all the way, but he really thought this was a cool thing to have. And like Hutch said...it's better than a $10K seat license...and we don't even get access to exclusive merchandise with that.

  3. Good points. That's no more stupid than half the things we all do with our money - like my addiction to Starbucks!

  4. I don't think it's idiotic or worthless at all. If my Angels did this, I would totally buy a share.

  5. I think that's AWESOME! Well done and way to support your team AND community!!!