Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heisman . . . . did the freshman deserve it?

I will never knock Johnny Manziel, he really is a great quarterback. He’s led the Texas Aggies on a huge mission to make an impact in the SEC for the first season . . . . and he did it well. However, he’s a freshman.

Now, that’s not to say that a freshman can’t be the best player in the league. It can happen, but at the same time, I don’t always agree that the Heisman or awards like it should be based off of one year in College Football.  This could be my logical, the older kids should be the best thinking, but I just am not okay with it.  There were juniors and seniors who could have won the award.  Unfortunately, because analysts, writers, and the public vote on these awards . . . hype gets in the way.  I’ve been lucky enough to sit in a room where a board was discussing who to make sure were in the top ten round for an award (not the Heisman).  The group collectively said, a freshman hasn’t proven himself yet. One good year, doesn’t make him the best player. Yes, it makes him great, but to me the Heisman doesn’t just include one year, it’s collective. That’s why it’s so rare for these kids to get two.  The one who has received two?  Was Archie Griffin, and it was deserved (his junior and senior year).

Yes, there have been a lot of sophomores that won too.  I don’t necessarily think that they’ve proven themselves yet, but at least they have two seasons under their belt. And those are the ones that will leave for the draft their junior year. (Most of the time.)

When the Heisman began in 1935, a senior won it for ten years straight, then a junior player won.  That player? Doc Blanchard, who played for the Army, and his partner in crime in the Army offense was Glenn Davis, and he won it the following year. Basically, they knew they both deserved it, and didn’t want to give it to two players in one year.  After that it’s still mainly seniors, but times have also changed and players aren’t staying in college until graduation anymore.  Which sadly makes sense, because they can get out and make money without worrying about getting injured in college. The likelihood of a player leaving after his freshman year? Slim to none. This isn’t the NBA, where that happens. The NFL needs you to get that bulk and strength that a few years in college can give you. The NBA doesn’t necessarily need that time.

I’m happy for Johnny Manziel (sorry, I just can’t call him Johnny Football . . .). Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic quarterback. But, it’s sad that good players, like Manti Te’O or Collin Klein, who are both seniors lose to a freshman. Also? Te’O should have won. Hands down. But, defense isn’t the sex appeal that offense is. People like cheering for quarterbacks. Defense isn’t as fun to cheer for. So defensive players NEVER win. And that’s not okay.

It’s never a sad day when a kid wins the Heisman, but I’m disappointed in the decisions that the Heisman Award group made.  Congrats to Manti and Collin on being selected as finalists though. You should be so proud. Congrats Johnny, I hope that you live up to this award. I like it when people prove me wrong!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sorry to shout, but I have to brag and boast a bit - as a Crimson Tide fan it feels damn good to be heading to the SEC Championship this weekend. Yes, again, and Alabama will take on the Georgia Bulldogs in the battle for their division.

On the one hand you have Georgia, fighting for a Championship win, and for the chance to say they blew the Crimson Tide's chances at not only another SEC Championship, but also wanting to crush our dreams of trying for a 15th National Championship title.

On the second hand, you have the Alabama Crimson Tide. You know the team everyone is tired of seeing in the Championship games, seeing at #1, hearing about on Sports Center, the team people are tired of seeing win and take all the glory. Those people are namely Auburn fans and any other fan of any other college team in the United States. I know you're all sick of it - if you're into college football you're thinking LET SOMEONE ELSE WIN, LET SOMEONE ELSE go to the Championship game. Well it almost happened. The moment Alabama lost to Texas A&M, fans everywhere were cheering, screaming and totally counting out Alabama for another SEC Championship and / or National Championship run. My husband and I were not. You never count out Alabama, not until that fat lady sings.

Less than two weeks later, here we are. Ducks, lost a game.  Kansas, lost a game. In my living room that night you would have thought we were watching Alabama play the way my husband and I were yelping and cheering at the end of those games. It's my opinion as a Bama fan that yes, we deserve this. Others will balk at such things. Others will say, let someone else have this time to shine, and to that I will say this, when your team is playing the way AL does, keeping the points low like we have been trying to do all season, and win over tougher opponents in your own division, and (in my opinion, the college league) then we will gladly pass the torch on to you to take on another super tough team, or even ourselves in the National Championship.

I'm not saying that Oregon and Kansas aren't great teams. They are, but I have to say that I think having to battle with teams in the SEC such as LSU, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and now Texas A&M seems to be a lot tougher than playing in the PAC12 or BIG10 - NO disrespect to these teams but if you look at the current BCS standings, which division has more teams in the top ten? That's right, the SEC (6 schools, in the 10 ten). Bama only lost 1 game in their own division, this year, and that was the only game they lost for the entire regular season. Being knocked down by Texas A&M which we knew would be a hard battle, was rough but we are still #2 in the rankings and that feels good. Not as amazing as a perfect winning season, but to still have a fighting chance for a National Championship run, feels great.

You will notice I am not crap talking, or boasting that we WILL be in the National Championship this year. I will be honest, I hate trash talk. So I you won't get it here. It's my hope that we will make it there, and that we will win. I would love to face Notre Dame for the title. My husband has been talking about wanting this all season long when he saw how well the Fighting Irish were doing and mentioned that this is how he'd like it all to go down. If we are skilled enough and lucky enough to win against Georgia, and if and only if we are skilled enough and have trained hard enough to take on Notre Dame and win in the National Championship game, this will make 15 wins for Alabama. A pretty awesome record for sure. But I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.

Looking too far ahead can really ruin a team. The thing I love about Nick Saban as a coach is that he's not looking too far ahead in the future. He focuses on each game as it comes, and he prepares his team accordingly for the game in front of them. Not 2 games a head, not a single hop ahead, the game in front of them. I am sure there are kids on the team, hopeful for a shot at the National Championship but you best believe that Saban will be drilling it into their heads that they have to prepare for Georgia, and Georgia alone.  The Bulldogs will fight with all they have against the Tide. I know this. All teams do. Georgia has a lot to prove, as does the Tide. These two teams haven't played each other yet this year, so it will be a fresh game for both of them. GA will a force to be reckoned with come Saturday and Alabama knows this.

I don't make predictions, and I don't make bets. I hope my team will win. So I will do as I always do during and Alabama game, sport my teams colors (my lucky shirt), drink a beer  (or 5), curse the announcers every time they comment on the kicker, Shelley's perfect season (don't jinx us asshats!),  hold my breath whenever AJ McCarron bombs a pass down field, scream at the television to the receiver to hold on to that ball, holler at Lacy to run his ass off and get angry every time we get a penalty, and above all , shake my "sword" (shaker/pom pom) and cheer loudly for the Tide.

The SEC is forever changing. In the wake of the loss to Alabama, Mr. Chizik was fired from Auburn. Tennessee got rid of their coach and may others are changing their ways to keep up with teams like Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, LSU and Florida. Each year the teams get better, and each year the fans faith in their teams is tested. I will admit as a semi-new Bama fan I have started rooting during a great time in the school history, but the passion I've developed in the past 6 years for this team, will stay through thick and thin.

We had one loss this year - and for a fan base that is used to winning you would have thought we'd lost the Super Bowl when A&M took us to the house. It was a bit difficult to watch the Aggies sing their victory song and do their victory dance in Bryant-Denny Stadium, but, it was warranted. They played an amazing game. Bama fans are passionate, as are Auburn Fans. And the same can be said for all the SEC fans I know. I've always enjoyed football, but I will be the first to say NFL is completely different than college. There is a certain passion involved with college players vs. professional.

I look forward to the game this weekend. It's my birthday on Saturday. So I will be hoping for a win. However, win or lose, I know both Georgia and Alabama will be ready for the game, and fight until that final whistle is called.

May the best team win! And may Notre Dame be ready for the furry that is THE SEC, no matter who wins.

Lastly I leave you with a proud, ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot or Not? It's time for an NBA breakdown

My roommate (Upgrade) and I have varying opinions of men. We like different guys, we go after different looks. However, we both love the NBA. A lot. And we both love to watch the men. Cause they are delicious.

We don't agree who is most delicious. We'll let you decide. Here's our top picks and why they got there.

Kevin Garnett
Upgrade: HOT! I give him a 10, a fucking 10!!!! (Ok, Upgrade, we need to know why . . . . ) He's sexy. He's sexual chocolate. His smile is captivating. Plus, he looks mean, I like it. Lots of intensity in his face when he plays.
AuntBT: Not. Ok, I'll give you the smile. The rest, I don't really see it. But it's okay. We know we like different guys.

Tyson Chandler
AuntBT: HOT. Ok, this is my absolute number one. He's so pretty, intense, and an amazing ball player. Plus, I love boys with tattoos. Delicious.
Upgrade: Not. When looking at this picture I would say yes, but he isn't always nice to look at on the court.

Dwight Howard
AuntBT: Hot. Still not my favorite, but I completely see it. I mean, come on. Look at those arms and shoulders.
Upgrade: Seriously Hot. This one is tough, mainly because he might top KG, who is my absolute fave. I would lick the sweat right off of those massive arms and gorgeous skin...right off!

Kobe Bryant
AuntBT: Not. Sorry, the fact that I've now had to look at two Lakers players is one thing, but I just can't get on the Kobe train. He makes my skin crawl.
Upgrade: Hot. Always been on the list...the smile is contagious, regardless of whether or not he is complaining about a call. He has an interesting story too, which makes him even more sexy :)

Dahntay Jones
AuntBT: Not. Sorry, I've seen this guy up close and he seems like a nice enough kid. But that's about as far as it goes. He's not ugly, but nothing is making my knees shake.
Upgrade: He has the sexy, sultry, smokey look going and it is HOT!

Dirk Nowitzki
AuntBT: Hot. Yup, I said it. I love me some tall german men. I also feel in love just watching him play ball. Not saying he should be on the cover of a magazine, but definitely hot in my book.
Upgrade: Not. This one has grown on me over the years, mainly because of the type of person he is, but if we are talking initial meeting and seeing him, I would say he doesn't do it for me :( Sorry Dirkalicious!

Blake Griffin
Upgrade: Hot. Don't know what it is, but he is SEXY! The arms are immaculate, and the body is to boot as well. He has a pretty gorgeous smile too, you just don't see it a lot. Plus he is one of the most exciting players to watch in the league, great combo :)
AuntBT: Not. Sorry Upgrade, I know you love him. He does nothing for me. He's not one I would stop on the street to stare at.

Shawn Marion
AuntBT: Hot. Yes, he's completely and utterly T-Rex. (Watch him shoot. He's T-Rex.) But he's yummy. Check out how he dresses before games. You'll thank me.
Upgrade:  Not. On the court, no...the faces are too much for me, and that god-awful shot! Yuck! But I agree with AuntBT, the man sure can dress!

Carmelo Anthony!/img/httpImage/alg-knicks-carmelo-anthony-jpg.jpg
AuntBT: Not. Sorry. He's still the nasty player from the Thuggets. Nothing about him is hot, except maybe his lust to be Lebron. Who also, still sucks.
Upgrade: Don't see why he made this list, but I guess I can see why some might think he is good looking. He does have pretty skin, but that is about it for me.
Why did we put him on the list? Oh right. Cause we wanted to make sure people knew he sucks.

Tony Parker
AuntBT: I'll straddle the line on this one. He annoys the crap out of me, but I get why girls love him. I mean . . . he does have a great french accent.
Upgrade:  Not even a little. French accents mean nothing when you are a cheater...sorry Tony, that right there ruins it for you aren't that good looking anyway. You were lucky to have Eva when you did.

Luke Walton 
AuntBT: Hot. Why must there be so many Lakers??? Ugh. Other than that, he's hot. He's a benchwarmer, but I like to look at him. A muzzle might be a good option for him though. Just sayin.
Upgrade: Not. Much better looking than his father, but doesn't really do much for me...I do like his hair though!

Vince Carter
Upgrade: Hot. The ultimate sex appeal when you are talking older man! He has had it since day one! Another gorgeous smile!
AuntBT: Not. I love to watch Vince play, but no. Not getting it. Sorry Upgrade.

Chris Paul
AuntBT: Hot. Yes, he's little on the court, but I like it. He's got a fantastic smile. He handles the ball like no one else. Just sayin, good hands.
Upgrade: Not. He is a good looking man, I must admit, but doesn't do much for me.

Derrick Williams
AuntBT: Not. Nope. Sorry. Plus, he's a child.

Upgrade: Not. Was OK until he smiled. Come on Derrick, you have the money, now fix those teeth!
Why is he on here??

Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Hansbrough Tyler Hansbrough #50 of the North Carolina Tar Heels thanks fans before the start of their game against the Duke Blue Devils on senior night at the Dean E. Smith Center on March 8, 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tyler Hansbrough
AuntBT: I'll straddle the line on this one. He's pretty cute, but he bleeds more than most girls. Seriously, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's broken his nose so many times he has to wear a face guard every game. Hence the college photo.
Upgrade: Not. Other than the fact that he is in the NBA, there is nothing appealing about him to me. But it could be that he is UNC alum.

Kris Humphries 
AuntBT: Hate to admit it, but Hot. He's so dumb. So dumb. But, he's pretty. Yup. So pretty.
Upgrade: HOT, but ruined...because of all the Kardashians, you had to pick the dumbest, whiniest, most nasty of them all, therefore makes you pretty dumb yourself. But you are nice to look at Kris, yes you are :)

Okay ladies, what are your thoughts?? Any we missed? Any that you completely disagree with? It wouldn't be the first time we were wrong. 

All photos were found from Google Images

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cold weather? Yes, I think so.

My goodness, where did October go? I can’t believe it’s already November.

Good things happen in October and November. It’s definitely the best time of year (well the Fall season is). Down here in Texas we don’t have snow very often, so when the cold air blows in, we throw on our big soft sweaters, our boots (no spurs), and complain about how cold 40 degrees is. And we love it. Why? Because it finally feels like football season and basketball season begins. There is something about being covered head to toe in hats, gloves and overcoats, sitting outside freezing at a football game. Not that I’ve actually been freezing yet, but wearing a jacket is nice. The Dallas Cowboys are losing and it’s glorious. Jerry Jones was actually quoted saying if he wasn’t the General Manager, he would fire the General Manager for the team playing this way. Yes, his ego is so large that he won’t step down as GM, but if the GM was another person, he would absolutely fire them. Ummmmm . . . . yeah, and people wonder why I hate the Cowboys.

College football is incredibly intense right now. The SEC has been completely turned upside down. Honestly, it’s the exact opposite of what I had hoped. I had kept my fingers crossed that the SEC would stomp on the egos of Texas A&M. Yes, sorry to all you Aggies out there, but I’ve had to hear your “whoop” one too many times, and have had to deal with a few die hards that I really would like to punch in the face. (That’s not to say that there aren’t lovely and kind Aggies out there, because I know there are. I have a few friends who are awesome Aggies, unfortunately the obnoxious overtake the kind in this situation.) The Aggies have somehow dominated and took down the number one seeded Alabama. Yes, Roll Tide was put to shame by the Aggies. I’m just shaking my head.

When the leaves start to change into those pretty hues of orange and yellow, you get a tingly sensation in your toes, and you know it’s time to head inside and watch basketball! Ah, yes. I know you are as thrilled as I am that the NBA is back in session. College basketball kicked off last week, and we’re diving head first into a great season. Why so great? The Lakers are already causing drama by firing their head coach after FIVE games. Yes, you read that right, apparently that’s all it takes now. In case you’re wondering, that is what having no support from upper management looks like, the first sign of trouble and you’re gone. The older guys are all hurt and riding the bench. For quite a few teams, their star players are riding the bench from injuries. This is bad, but also a great thing for the younger players. This gives them a chance to actually learn how to play in clutch circumstances. They are required to step up and lead, make the plays. When the “stars” get healthy enough, the dynamic will change. But, this means the coach will be able to look at different players throughout the season. Yes, you want your best players healthy, you want the older players leading the team, but you also want the young guys to step up and not just follow. I also like the older guys resting, so their legs are ready for the playoffs.

So what does this mean for the ladies? Get that fire going, cuddle up on the couch, and enjoy some wonderful sports. For the men? Deal with it, we’re watching too. Go make us some chili.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making the Impossible, Possible

You might be surprised to know the Giants won the World Series on Sunday.  By now, ESPN has shifted their focus to football, basketball, or maybe even the MLS.  Apparently "experts" have a hard time admitting they're wrong.  To make up for their boldly incorrect predictions, the recaps have focused on luck and a great manager.  While I will be making an offering to the Baseball Gods this offseason for their help on the 3rd baseline (be it a hit off the bag, or the bunt that stops fair), the Giants won on talent. Verlander didn't just have an "off night," the Giants hitters know how to frustrate pitchers and get on base.  Our defense didn't show up out of nowhere, they've been there all season. Heck, Crawford was there 20 years ago. Small ball?  How do you think we increased our runs scored from 2010, but were last in the league in HR's this season?

If these "experts" had bothered to pay attention to the NL West, outside of the Cabrera suspension or the Dodgers blockbuster trade that clearly went nowhere, they might have changed their predictions accordingly.  In the end, it doesn't matter.  The Giants are the World Series champs, and I was there for Game 2!


What was already an amazing night ended with the After Party.  I got a smile from Colin Hanks, brushed past Rich Aurilia, and saw Murph & Mac and Mad Dog.  It was like a sports fan/celebrity gossip junkie's dream come true.

Here's hoping I'm there to see them raise the flag on Opening Day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A little Roundup

In case you've been hiding under a sports rock. Here's a little recap of what's been happening.

The NFL and the Refs
Well, the refs finally figured out their issues with the League.  Basically, the League finally decided that the refs were worth the money. The strike ended. Apparently when the groups went into vote, it was just a formality, because everyone wanted to just move on and get back to normal (the vote was 112-5 . . . yeah, formality). The refs were able to get most of what they wanted, and it's really because the replacement refs couldn't handle it. The refs got about 20% higher salaries and the pension plan will stay in place for now. The refs, well, they walked away happy. I think the League is just happy it's not hanging it's head in shame from the controversial calls.

Jay Cutler is a douche
I know this isn't a surprise to anyone, but I want to hit the dumb face with a chair. I have respect for the dude, he plays a great game and publicly said that he could care less what people say.  The fact that he pouts, openly with the constant duck face, and still says screw everyone else . . . good job. However, I do not like the fact that he disrespects the coaches and walks away from them. That definitely happened twice in Monday's game. Like I said, I want to hit him in the face with a chair.

Drew Brees on route for record
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints quarterback, is on his way to break the late great Johnny Unitas' record for 47 consecutive games with touchdown passes. Unitas' son even wrote Drew a letter saying good luck, and said he knows his dad would be happy to have the record surpassed. Sean Payton (former Saints head coach, currently on hiatus for bounty issues) says he knows that this record will be with out a doubt broken by Drew, even if it's not this next game. It will happen. However, I'm definitely cheering for the Saints.

Miguel Cabrera - Triple Crown?
The Detroit Tigers have their very own super star in Miguel Cabrera. He is on track to have the first baseball Triple Crown in 45 years. Now, of course when I think of Triple Crown, I think horse racing, but this Triple Crown is when a batter leads the league in: batting average, home runs, and RBIs. It's actually a really big deal, and incredibly hard to do.

Hockey still not looking good
The NHL is still not looking like the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will be reached. Last time this happened it was just about salary cap. Now? I don't have a clue, but it's basically the rich and the other rich trying to figure out who gets what percentage. Sadly? For me it just means more parking downtown during the typical hockey season.

College football?
Well, college football currently makes me sad because my poor team just can't get it together. So, I'm blocking out all other games. Hopefully your team is doing better and that you can win some bets. I definitely owe a TCU alum a dozen cookies. And don't think they won't be a red and blue mess, however edible.

Anything I missed that was big news?

Monday, September 24, 2012


While watching the 49ers in the first half, I went through all the possible jinxes which could have caused the complete lack of skill they were showing on the field.

First instinct is always to go with the Announcer Jinx.  Chris Collinsworth didn't announce this game, so anything intentional was out.  Plus, I muted most of the first half out of frustration anyway.  Can't place the blame there.

Then I thought back to the SF Giants post game announcers on Saturday night talking about how good it is for SF sports fans right now.  We have our baseball team clinching the NL West Division Championship and our football team was ranked #1, both looking to make a run in the post-season.  We're 2 games in, please be cautious with your predictions!

After looking through my texts, I saw a good friend, who should know better, make a similar error, comparing SF to Boston in 2004 with the Pats and Sox. No, no, no, noooo!  But really, I was thinking the same thing, or at least that other fans might start to hate us the way they did Boston.

Finally, I looked down and realized I wasn't wearing my lucky Rice jersey.  The same jersey I wore to the Saints playoff game last season and the first 2 games of this season.  I could blame my hairdresser's failed attempt at strawberry blonde, turning out more red than blonde and not looking good with the red jersey.  But, I watched the game alone, at home, while studying.

It was all my fault!

I changed in to my jersey at halftime.

Wait, could the ESPN Power Rankings be jinxing the #1 ranked teams??  Green Bay-loss. New England-loss. Niners-loss. Who wants the #1 spot? Atlanta? Houston? Be careful what you wish for!  Although, bad things happen in threes, so maybe this jinx has passed.

In reality, all the jinxes in the world can't explain away poor play by the team.  Luckily, we're only in Week 3 and it's just 1 loss. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about the the possibility of a Replacement Refs jinx.  This was especially true after the fake refs decided to call 2 phantom penalties and ignore a blatant one that actually changed the game and led to a Minnesota TD.  Maybe if the bad calls didn't affect EVERY TEAM, a jinx could be considered.  Well done, Goodell, well done.  So much fun to watch the result of a grown man acting like a stubborn toddler.  I've honestly debated not watching the NFL until his temper tantrum is over.  At the very least, I'll be sticking to the Red Zone for my own sanity.  PAY THE DAMN REFS ALREADY!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"It's the 6th String Refs"

At least that's what Jon Gruden called them. 6th string referees. Yes, the NFL referees are on strike. They want some of the money the NFL makes, and then NFL doesn't want to give it to them because they ref so few games a year, unlike baseball and basketball.  It makes sense, it's a mess, but the real tragedy is the games that are having to go through with these replacements.

I wish it was as good as the movie The Replacements, but it's not. This rag tag crew of refs aren't coming out the winners. In fact, they're showing the world how hard it is to be a ref. To know every detail of the game, be able to call it perfectly, and to step up into rules you're not used to calling and get it right. The problem is these guys aren't the best of the best in college world. Those refs? They're still in college, because they are probably making more money, had their travel arranged, etc., etc., etc. So they are the ones making the good calls on the big college networked games. These current NFL replacement refs, well they weren't seasoned enough to ref those games.

6th string. Now, for the NFL, 6th string isn't great, but they make great tackling dummies at practice. Unfortunately, when it's game time, they're on the bench keeping it warm for everyone else. Or sometimes, they don't even dress.

I feel bad for these refs, they're doing their best, but the tv fans, media, and everyone else is so quick to rip them apart. I stat basketball games, and I don't envy the refs at all. It's hard enough following all the information I have to process, let alone remember every single rule. We have a team of statisticians that work together to comprehend it all. It's tough work, but these refs are mixing college and NFL rules, and just all in all making it a mess. But, they're doing a way better job than I ever could. And I don't have a tv crew breathing down my back, pointing out all my flaws to millions of people.

The players are frustrated, they don't feel like the games are fair, you can tell, they're telling the refs which calls to make. You can tell the refs are listening too. As long as they listen to both teams . . . they might as well listen to the ones who know the rules better than any other.

The ref that I feel bad for the most? The Saints fan ref. He had a few photos in Saints shirts and jerseys, and he was released from being a ref. For VERY good reasons, as anyone involved in the documentation and outcomes of any sporting game, you are not to gamble, have fantasy leagues, or even promote that you prefer one team over another. It shows bias, and the teams are very aware that it doesn't end well. Remember the refs that took money on games? Yeah, it all starts somewhere, so they take it out at the beginning. So this ref, who normally refs college (I think, I didn't do that much research on him), got the chance to ref his favorite team's game. Do you know how excited he was? Do you know how much he was working to prepare himself to be unbiased and act professional? A ton, because most people that work in this industry, don't watch games like a fan anymore. Screaming and cheering goes out the window. So the likelihood of him being bias was slim, but it's perception and nipping it in the bud. The NFL had to release him, there was no question. But he got the break of his lifetime, and never got to even try for it.

All in all? Give the refs a break, but for goodness sake . . . can we get the old refs back?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Football and Fashion

Can you hear that in the air? Thousands of fans cheering? Yep, it's that time of year again, it's football season. I'm finally jacked for it! Yes I understand that football season has been in pre-season swing for the NFL and college started last week (ROLL TIDE!) but as I listed in my last post, I've been footballed-out! I'm finally getting a grip on reality and on the festive season that is worth cheering over once again.

Yesterday I received a nugget of awesomeness in the mail - a 2012 NFL sports gear catalog. Mine was specifically geared toward the Pittsburgh Steelers fan in me, at least on the cover. Inside it was a wonderland of merchandise. Usually I get a catalog and it's all about men's gear, some kids stuff and I might be lucky if there is a bedazzled pink jersey {gag} or a scrunchy with my team's colors on it.

Not this time folks - this time the women's NFL fashion is actually been stepped up a notch!  No longer am I forced to purchase "ladies jerseys" that make me want to hang my head because there is a "diamond" in the middle of one of the O's, or forced to purchase a Youth Jersey just because they are smaller than the men's gear. I personally own a men's jersey. It was my first purchase and I had NO idea how long they were, or how large they run. It's an XL, needless to say even with all my um... blessings? it's still HUGE on me! I could totally rock it as a dress!

NFL has finally knocked women's sports fashion out of the park. Between t-shirts, custom jerseys, pjs and the like I'm finally able to rock something "feminine" and not feel like a tool.

Check out this gear!!! (and it's models! How cool is this campaign?)

Women's NFL GEAR 2012
Yes, that's Ms. Rice! And I'd like to think these Jets fans are all about McElroy, like me • via
 There are still rhinestones if you are into that sort of thing - but the options are never ending it seems! I love the weathered look and the fact that Ms. Rice's jersey is tough and fem at the same time!

See the bottom, available at affordable locations, thank you very much NFL!
Totes Adorable, yeah I said Totes! • via
 A Personal Favorite! OK so maybe I won't rock my Steelers gear with a fringe skirt, but if I had Kym Johnson's legs, I totally would. I sort of love that she is sporting the Black and Gold no doubt in support for former player Hines Ward and her winning partner on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I just wanted to work his name in here someone. I love me some Hines!

Kym Johnson, always flaunting and fabulous • via
 The Ladies in all their glory - can you pick them all out?
Huge Layout Ad for Women's NFL • GIRL POWER • via
So there you have it ladies - you no longer have to sport your man's tired old jersey, 2nd hand tshirt or faded sweatpants! I'm by no means saying get rid of them - there is something glorious about worn in sweatpants that belong to your man. What I'm saying is maybe on a big important game day you can rock something fabulous, in your size and meant for just you (just be sure you wear your lucky tshirt or underwear under it... it's a game day tradition... at least it is in my house!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our tried and true passions are back!

Well, college sports are back. The school year has begun, and the crazy fandom can begin. In fact, it already has, because college football kicked off this past weekend. And it was definitely interesting.

Hurricane Issac came through and decided that football was not to start yet (among telling people they couldn’t live there anymore and ruining a bunch of people’s lives, so please keep your prayers going for those that are suffering).  So now the ticket battle has occured, people that orginially bought tickets can't go or they just opened it up to whoever wanted to buy and screwed everyone else. To be perfectly honest, I don't know for sure what happened and I haven't heard too many complaints, so obviously it went well in the ticketing world. Happy days, since everything else in that area is suffering.  At least A&M prolonged the butt whooping it's going to receive. And if A&M wins, I'll eat my words . . . in the form of candy.

Penn State kicked off it's season after the Sandusky scandal, after Paterno, after the NCAA penalties and fines, and after losing players because of it all.  The fans supported and rallied for their team. The new coach (Bill O'Brien) had a lot on his shoulders. Penn State lost to Ohio 24-14, and really after all that's happened to them, that's a decent game. It was so nice to see that the fans are still supporting the organization, and supporting the team. The stadium was over 90k full. They understood that what happened was not the players, and that these kids need all the cheering they can get. The best part of it all? Child abuse philanthropies are getting recognized and children are being helped, because the fans are telling the world we care about the kids (they had a Rally Ring around the stadium before the game), but we also care about the University. The best of both worlds, unfortunately something bad had to happen first. 

Alabama took over what should have been the University of Michigan, and turned them into a Michigan high school team. Which, is not what was expected. In fact, for Michigan it was embarrassing, last season they were held to the same level. However, we all know that last year means nothing for the current season. Michigan showed promise, and it's not time to hang their heads yet, but they've got to put on their big boy pants for this weekend. Hopefully Michigan remembers, that any team can be beaten on any given day.

And the biggest kicker of all . . . University of Houston lost to Texas State University. And by Texas State University, I mean Texas State, which used to be Southwest Texas. Which didn't have a football team until a few years ago. Houston is a good team, they tend to kick SMU's butt every year. It's one of the games that if SMU wins, it's a good season. Even SMU would assume Texas State as a cupcake team. And they beat Houston. This is the first year for Texas State to even be in the FBS (Football Bowl Series aka true D1 school), and Houston was expected to win by a spread of over 36. It's sad for Houston to have their season start with such a tarnished mark, but as a supporter of a permanent underdog school, I'm giving a mental high five to Texas State (because no one really wants to give a real high five to that school).

And on a personal rant: Commentators are awful. If you don't have anything to say . . . just don't say anything. I had to listen to commentators during the SMU/Baylor game and I about threw my tv out the window. You don't need to tell me where the stadium is located in Dallas, we know where it's located. I really don't need the intersections. We know SMU was getting pummeled by Baylor. We know we weren't doing well and it was embarrassing. Don't embarrass yourself by just trying to come up with things to say. We're okay if you don't say something for 30 seconds. Promise.