Monday, January 9, 2012

Because Apparently I'm Crazy

Today I start P90x2. Yes, there's now a new version of P90x. I successfully completed the first version in 2010. Going from a size 6 to a 2, I lost 10 pounds and a lot of inches.  Now I'm back to where I was before I started. Not Ok with me. Getting my ass in gear begins now. But that's not where the crazy comes in.

On Sunday I start my half marathon training.


If I were to completely combine the two programs here's how my week would lay out, P90x in Blue, run training in Red.

Monday - X2 Core, Active Rest
Tuesday - Plyocide, Easy Run
Wednesday - Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility, Speed Play
Thursday - X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper, Active Rest
Friday - Yoga, Easy Run
Saturday - X2 Balance + Power, Active Rest or Easy Run
Sunday - Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility, Long Run & Pick Ups

I can tell you right now that won't be happening.  My body would go in to shock and you'd probably be reading my obit here by Week 2.  It's one thing for actual athletes to work out 7 days a week, but no one's paying me and I know I need rest at some point (and I'm guessing even real athletes do too).  Wednesday and Sunday are set for my training group, but as of now I see myself adjusting the plans as follows.

Sunday - Long Run + X2 Core (?)
Monday - REST
Tuesday - Plyocide OR Easy Run (anyone else notice the combination of Plyometrics and Suicide?)
Wednesday - Speed Play
Thursday - X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper
Friday - Yoga OR Easy Run OR Rest
Saturday - X2 Balance + Power and Recovery + Mobility

Still crazy, but definitely more manageable...I hope!  I'm not sure where the Core workout will fall.  After I get through this week I may find a way to double up with another day, but I know I will need Monday off. Thank goodness for my Massage Envy membership, I have a feeling I'll be visiting at least twice a month through March!


  1. I do not know what many of those workout words mean but good luck. I'm still trying to focus on my running.

  2. ahhh!!! yay! We're both starting our half training, we can be crazy together! I just put together my plan last night and am starting it today. So exciting....and scary.

  3. You go girl!!! I have yet to try to get the P90X2 I want to A) Finish TurboFire in it's entirety [which starts today] and B) Attempt to do P90X again, at a lower weight and better capability. Trying to do P90X from couch didn't work out too great for me.

    I know you can do it - maybe not both at once but a modified one will work out great! I can't wait to hear what you think about it... :)

  4. Could you skip all the workouts and just do the massages?

  5. Wow! Good luck!! Maybe if you alternate weeks of Tuesday and Friday where you do P90x Tuesday and then Easy Run Friday, and then the next week Tuesday Easy Run and Friday P90x?

    Whatever you do, you won't be bored, and you'll definitely be in serious shape!

  6. I would recommend keeping Plyocide in.. I haven't done it, but Plyometrics can almost be like interval training and will make the slower stuff seem easier :) Just a thought.. I know you can do this!

  7. Right now, you are on the top of my "idol" list. Seriously.

    My only concern is that I dont see a whole lot of running on your schedule. On the days where you have the option between P90X2 OR running, you might want to opt for the running. Training for a long distance run is more than just being in good shape, its about getting your body used to the punishment that is long distance running. You need to get your bones and joints and running specific muscles adapted to that much abuse, and all the cross training in the world isnt going to substitute for that. Bottom line is you need to get miles on your legs. So even though adding in the other stuff will definitely get you in great shape, leaving out too much running might set you up for not reaching what should be every long distance runners #1 goal: making it to the START LINE. This is especially true for noobs to both long distance running and running in general.

    I dont mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, just passing along what I learned as a late starter runner who got into the long distance running thing for a while. Now if I could only get off the couch and get back into it... ;)

  8. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this (even though I don't know what half these workouts mean to be completely honest). I wish you the best of luck though and kno wyou can do it! Can't wait to hear about your progress :)

  9. Whoa. That's intense. I've done both...separately. And it nearly killed me. But you..I have faith in you. You're gonna rock this and I'm thrilled I get to participate vicariously. When's the 1/2 again?