Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cue "We are the Champions" by Queen, please.

Hey LSU!

Hey LSU!
Hey LSU!

We just beat the hell outta’ you!
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer
Give ‘em hell, Alabama!

Yeah... I said it. And I meant it. But don't get confused. I don't hate LSU in the least. I'm a fan of the SEC across the board but when it boils down to my favorite team, I had to not only choose a team from Alabama, but choose wisely when I moved here.

Kilpatrick celebrates after winning the BCS National Championship against LSU
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You see after this weeks BCS National Championship game you had a state that was torn over the win. Half of Alabama is happier than a pig in a muddy puddle [my half]. The other half is most likely miserable that Alabama won, but slight happy that either way an SEC team was going to win the big game. The other half also roots for Auburn University. In case you're an outsider, as I once was before moving to Alabama over 7 years ago I will break it down for you. The two main universities in Alabama are Auburn University and the University of Alabama. Bitter rivals puts it nicely. Often times around the great state of Alabama you will see signs on homes and cars and well, everything declaring "House Divided" and they will either be adorned with AL vs. Auburn items and often times you will see AL vs. Tennessee. It's hard for me to say who our "biggest rival" in the SEC truly is because everytime the SEC meets for a game it's important to our rankings and our pride as members of the SEC. I have often heard that the biggest rivalries are between Alabama and Auburn, as well as Alabama and Tennessee. After this weeks game though... I'm pretty sure we've made a rival for life out of LSU. And I'm OK with that. I welcome the tough teams and I wouldn't want us to win a Championship playing anything but the toughest team in the nation.

The University of Alabama is getting a lot of slack for being voted into the BCS National Championship. Many wanted to see Oklahoma State in the game with LSU. Honestly I will be the first to say, and I've stated here that I wanted to see Alabama vs. OSU for the BCS Championship. That would have made me over the moon, but it just wasn't meant to be. As an AL fan my view might be tainted but above all the nay saying I really feel like Alabama had every right to be in that BCS Championship. Again you probably think my view is skewed and I'm OK with that because it's your opinion. Let's call it a draw, shall we? Bottom line it was voted that Alabama would have it's rematch with LSU in New Orleans {so wish I could have been there!!!}!

The boys put up one hell of a fight on both sides of the field. As stated by AuntB in yesterday's post [which was amazing!!! well done girl!] - AL didn't let LSU past the 50 yard line more than one time during the ENTIRE GAME! That's amazing. I am a HUGE fan of strong defensive teams {helloooo, Steelers!}. I've heard a few people say that they felt this championship game was boring. I guess I have a hard time believing that only because I am usually hoarse from yelling and white knuckled through the entire game while gripping my "sword" aka "shaker" or in basic terms pom pom. True story... I am sick as a dog right now and I think my back pain might actually stem from getting overly excited during the game!!! Yeah... I'm that girl. There were plenty of moments that I cussed my brains out [did you see that dropped pass right at the end zone???? And the field goal and extra point that were missed??? Yes, I know we were ahead, the entire game but flubs don't always win football games - luckily for us it was OK in the end]. All that aside as an Alabama fan we've come to expect and know this tough defensively driven team. They are amazing. And while we could use some help in the running game on offense, for now, in this game it only hurt us a little. Thank goodness for Shelley's points {lonesome kicker, I think not!} up on the board and Richardson's touchdown {you did your babies proud son!}. At one point all I begged for was to PLEASE let us get on the board with a touchdown so I can not be as annoyed when we get flack the next day from non-AL fans. Oh don't worry, I've still heard plenty of smack talk but it's OK let the record show who won... plain and simple. I would love to see us get more of a running game like most of us that watch football games I often love the HUGE running plays and even more so defensive touchdowns - we'll see what happens in 2012 with that part of our program since we are currently in the hunt for a new offensive coordinator.

LSU put up a fight, they certainly kept us from scoring touchdowns but in the end our defense, kicker and Richardson were more powerful. I also think our teamwork speaks volumes. Not that LSU doesn't have it, but it seemed to be failing them during the game. All too often I saw Jefferson yelling negatively at his teammates, as well as giving looks of disbelief instead of building them up. It did seem that they were giving up at the end. And I wondered... where was this so called Honey Badger all night? I barely saw a peep from him. And please listen when I say this, I'm not downing LSU in the least, they are one of my top 5 SEC team favorites. {Shout out to Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, LSU & Mississippi State... basically anyone in the SEC but Auburn or Florida.}

Obviously I'm over the moon about our win!!! Either way the SEC would be victorious - this counts as the 7th BCS National Titles awarded to an SEC team in the past 6 consecutive years, and that is awesome! The past three years have all been awarded to ALABAMA SCHOOLS - rivalry or not that speaks volumes for our state's programs. Football is a 2nd religion here, don't believe me? Come visit on any given Saturday in any given SEC town [college or not] - game day colors are worn, televisions and fields are screamed at and one team goes home sad and the other cheers. It's a way of life and I never believed that until I moved here. Hell, I never watched college football until I moved here and I've been totally missing out!!! Truth be told I'm a bit sad I now have to find a new outfit to wear each Saturday... I was getting used to my lucky Alabama tshirt that's worn in and comfortable. {Saturdays = Bama gear, Sundays = Steelers gear}.

I am proud of Saban - the ultimate perfectionist. I know there is a lot of speculation and questioning in his motives when it comes to how pissed he gets about a penalty when we are so far ahead, or how he kept Richardson out when we were clearly in the red zone, even Bama fans questioned this. I hate to say it but I rarely question Saban. He's good at his job and he cares about these boys, plain and simple. He has his motives and obviously it worked. He wants the boys to play their best and do their best and I think from what I can see in his behavior a penalty is a scar on an otherwise perfectly executed game. Mistakes will happen, plays will get flubbed but penalties in his eyes just seem to ruin a good thing. I get that and I like that he takes them so seriously, and I'm sure any NFL coach that gets a former Bama boy on his team appreciates that as well. I am proud of the Crimson Tide for pushing so hard! Even Maze after his injury, this being his last game of his Senior year - he still wanted to get back out there and was beside himself after his hamstring ruined his drive which would ultimately have ended up as a touchdown in our favor, most likely. He gave his all and it defeated him when he couldn't get back in. These guys love Nick and Nick loves them. I know Les loves his Tigers, as does any coach, but there is just something distinct about the reflection of it in Saban and his boys. He doesn't just make great football players, he also has the full intention of making great men.  [Sure there's a bit of a slip up here and there... we won't get into Oakland Raider, McClain's shameful behavior when he came home to Decatur, AL for a visit recently]. Dear Rolando, it's Decatur, not Oakland! But hey... one bad seed isn't supposed to spoil a whole bunch right?

I am happy that when I moved here that I choose the side of the Crimson Tide. I didn't know jack squat about Alabama or Auburn and at the time Mike [my husband] wasn't into sports like he is now. My choice was simple, I am a girl after all so my loyalty was lead based on color first. I love Red! I love it more than Orange or Navy [Auburn]. I also have a huge love for the movie Forrest Gump. Bottom line Gump played for the Tide, #44 for The Bear himself, so that's where my allegiance lies. YES I know Gump is not real, he's a fictional character, but that's how I decided. Much to my father-in-laws happiness. As a die hard Bama fan I might have been asked to leave the table at our first dinner meeting had I said the incorrect university. You might chuckle but I'm feeling 90% sure that this is a completely accurate statement... especially when Mike's dad said... "Ok she can stay for dinner."

For now I am going to celebrate our win!!! It definitely makes up for the Steelers loss on Sunday to the Broncos that left me bitter, upset and probably saying way too many unflattering things about Tebow when I should have just dropped it. Tebow fans, I'm sorry but I'm still bitter. This however gives me a clean slate. I can go out of this season on a positive note AND root for teams for FUN not passion to make it to the Super Bowl. My votes are with the Packers and the Saints! I really do love Aaron Rodgers and I have to root for Mark Ingram and his team {and Quaterback Mr. Brees} even if  Mark is on the injured reserve list he did his part to help the Saints get to where they are in the playoffs, and he made one hell of an Honorary Team Captain at the BCS Championship Game. Yes I'm fully aware that only ONE of these teams will make it to the super bowl and I should be rooting on the other side as well but honestly I can't bring myself to root for a single team on the other side - I will say my money is on the Ravens making it to the big dance - they never, ever go out without a fight. It kills me, but it's the truth.

So for the last time this year.. I will give a hearty ROLL MUTHA F'IN TIDE ROLL!!!! {for football}
And give many thanks to Saban and my Crimson Boys!!!

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  1. I think that game can only be summed up in 2 words: Shut Out. Well played, Tide!