Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How mad should LSU fans be?

After watching the BCS National Championship game on Monday, I was confused, bored, and slightly irritated. Now, I'm not a Tigers fan or a Roll Tide fan, so whoever won wasn't a big deal to me. However, I had reasons for both teams as to why I'd like to see either of them win.  So while only barely invested in the game, I still wanted to watch ever minute. After all, it was the last college football game of the year, and if I'm going to watch football, it's college football (and yes, I'm sad the season is over). However, after half time I just wanted to go to bed. I was bored. I didn't understand decisions made by either team. It was frustrating to see LSU's quarterback struggle, and leave the secondary quarterback on the sidelines. It was infuriating to see Nick Sabin go postal because one of his defensive players was flagged for being off sides on a play (when they were up 21-0 . . . seriously Sabin???).

However, Alabama's defense was stellar. I can't believe how good they were. LSU only made it past the 50 yard line once. Yes, you read that right, they only made it over the 50 yard line ONCE. They were stuck on their own side the rest of the game. No where even close enough to kick a field goal. Alabama's offense struggled, luckily they have a great kicker who scored most of the points. Of course, leaving the number one running back in the nation on the sidelines when you get close to touchdown territory is very strange to me. Both teams have coaches that I didn't agree with their choices. That's fine, they know their players and the opposing team way better than me. Just strange to hear fans booing their own players because of coaches' decisions.

What makes me sad is how LSU just seem to fold in the second half. The first half you felt like they still had a chance to turn it around. Once the 4th quarter hit, you knew they had just completely given up. I hate seeing kids just fold. But, I almost feel like they knew going it that they wouldn't win. Maybe something is going on in the locker rooms that is telling them they are going to fold. Maybe Alabama is just that much better (which I don't think it is).  But, do LSU fans have a right to be angry about what happened?

I think so. I think if your quarterback is struggling and you've got a back up, go to the back up. Your starter wasn't getting anything done anyways, what's the difference? Give the back up a chance to redeem himself! The offense LSU was trying to run wasn't working. They stuck with it. The defense did do a really great job. Unfortunately they were on the field almost the entire game, so they were exhausted. You can only take so many hits before your body won't move anymore.The team captains tried to pump up the players (or at least it looked like it), but the fans turned on the team. I'm just as bad as most, if my team is doing poorly I just stop saying anything. However, I refuse to boo anyone, except the refs. Cause sometimes they deserve it. I don't like people booing their own players. That part was not okay. It just seemed like from the coaching staff that no matter what the outcome, they had certain plays they wanted to run, and were going to run them no matter what. Which, everyone knows, you tailor your plays and skills to the game, you don't get the game to change to you.

So, I believe they have every right to be frustrated about the outcome. I'm dissapointed for them. Honestly, I think Alabama has some things to be angry about as well. I'm just glad it didn't matter who won for me. Unfortunately some people in my life are diehard tigers, and needless to say I'm steering clear for awhile!


  1. I have to chuckle a bit when I hear people say that both of the games with these two were boring. I say this because if you saw how freaked out I was through both games [white knuckles gripping my shaker {pom pom} and cuss words spewing out of my mouth] you'd realize how un-boring I found these games. Then again I'm a fan of an NFL team with a strong defense so I'm used to the games being slightly low in scoring and running touch downs. My heart broke for Maze when he pulled his hammy during what clearly would have been a run for a touchdown!

    As far as the LSU fans booing - I think it's completely rude to boo your own team. I also think it was 100% classless of their fans to boo Alabama when they ran out of the tunnel. Sure it's all in good fun but I don't participate in such antics. Truth be told you won't even hear me boo Tebow OR the Gators and I am not a fan of either. It's just rude and I think shows poor sportsmanship honestly.

    I can't say I'm disappointed in this game in the least. Not only did my team win - we shut LSU down! My fear shifted from them coming back, to them scoring a single point in the last half. I wanted the record to show that we came to make an impression and we left doing just that.

    I will say that I think LSU caved, not sure why but I will say I wasn't seeing the team spirit between their players that I was seeing at AL. Sure it's easy to pump each other up when you're ahead but the LSU team looked defeated by the 2nd qtr.

    I know a lot of people will give Saban grief for his behavior when we got our penalty when we were ahead by so much... "It was infuriating to see Nick Sabin go postal because one of his defensive players was flagged for being off sides on a play (when they were up 21-0 . . . seriously Sabin???)" This does seem a bit drastic and I get that but here's the thing... Saban HATES penalties [as does any coach] but Saban REALLLLLLY hates them - he strives for these boys to do their best not to get them. And up until that point AL didn't have a SINGLE penalty called on them. Nick is a perfectionist and expects perfection from his boys. I think the fact that the program as a whole has taken home 14 Championships, and Saban himself has taken home 3 in his career shows how important winning is to him. That being said... He also builds these guys up. If there is one thing that is never questions it's his love and support for his team. He loves those kids.

    I'm so happy to see him CELEBRATE this time around. Saban was so stone cold at the last Championship win... this time he let loose and had a blast and I'm so pleased to see that.

    We have a lot to work on - and our game was far from perfect - YOU DID A GREAT JOB DESCRIBING IT !!!!! But we can go home with our heads held high and feel awesome about another Championship won!

  2. This was really well said. I didn't watch the game, I accidentally slept though it. And then I couldn't find it on Hulu the next day. Blerg! But after reading your recap, I'm not sure I want to spend 4 hours watching it. I tend to gravitate toward basketball anyway because it's more fast-paced than football, so to sit and watch a game where there is just not much movement of the ball seems like hell for me. I agree with the idea that players are interchangeable when the game is doing down the drain. In fact, UK SUCKED the first half of the season because Coach Phillips refused to take Newton out and put the back-up in. Then Newton got injured and, lo and behold, we got BETTER! We won games! And then he put Newton back in. Why??? I would never want to be the head coach of an SEC team, but I do question their methods sometimes.

  3. Love the different opinions on here. You ladies make me smile!