Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loving football again...

Sometimes it's really hard to be a Giants fan. When you sit there, week after week, watching them blow opportunities and get their asses handed to start question why you're wasting your time when you have more important things to play Angry Birds.

But sometimes they do something great and they remind you why you love them. They did that for me this weekend.

As soon as we got the schedule for this year, we knew the New Year's Day game against the Cowboys would be a good one...but we didn't know that both teams' entire season would rest on the outcome. I kicked myself for agreeing to sell our tickets for the 1,000th time and then we settled in for the game.

Which turned out to be awesome. In the very first play, Bear Pascoe jumped over someone to avoid getting tackled. Then there was Victor Cruz's 74 yard run to the end zone...and don't forget the salsa dancing. The game was amazing...and the Giants won it...securing them a spot in the playoffs. It was like they suddenly remembered how to play football and they really put their hearts into it. I truly loved football for the first time all season.

And the best part? My brother is a huge Dallas fan and he was at the game...and I had plenty of opportunity to talk smack...or text it, in this case. Of course, he didn't answer those texts, because he was too busy crying in his beer. But it was awfully fun for me.

I can't wait until next week. It looks like the person who bought our tickets doesn't want to go to the we might actually get to go. I can't wait. I just hope I don't leave disappointed!


  1. I really love this time of year in PRO football - it's a nail biter for every game. And not that every game doesn't count... but this just gets more down to the wire... one loss, you're out type deal!

    I'm stoked to see so many friends of mine that have their teams in the playoffs!!! :)

  2. I hope you get to go! I didn't realize until the game this past week that Cruz was a UMass grad. The last fellow alumni of one of my schools helped you win the Super Bowl. Then he turned out to be a bigot, but I like to not dwell on that.

    Good Luck to your Giants!

  3. Do I follow this blog of yours? I know nothing about sports and was confused by most of this. I do like the salsa dancing part though!