Friday, January 27, 2012

No. Way. | Winter X Games Snowmobiler Falls From 120 Feet

So I was browsing the interwebs last night and I came across this....

Colton Moore Crash: Freestyle Snowmobiler Falls 120 Feet at Winter X Games 

With this video -

Ok, I have to throw my 2 cents on the floor here.  There is NO WAY this kid should have been able to walk away from this. 

What I mean is, literally.  He should NOT have walked away from this!  He (probably) should have been boarded and hauled away behind another snowmobile.  And if not that, then he should have been pulled from the competition and closely monitored for internal and head injuries. 

Do you know what can happen to someone who falls 120 feet?  Roughly 12 stories?  They can die.  Their organs can get all jumbled up and turn into mush.  Protective gear or not, their ribs can splinter and break, puncturing that mushy lung tissue.  Their soft and fragile brains can slosh around in their precious skulls and rip some blood vessels and start bleeding.  Helmet or not.  It happens people. 

If you or someone you love falls from a great height, whether it's off the roof into the swimming pool or off a 75 foot jump, PLEASE PLEASE I implore you, take him/her to the damn hospital.

PLEASE for the love of God.  Don't take that chance!

Ok, off the soapbox.


  1. I'm pretty sure a female freestyle snowboarder died last week in a crash/fall. It absolutely can happen. Good warning.

  2. That's just insane, and the announcers talking about his presence of mind to flip on to his back? Like falling from that high up is a normal thing??

  3. It's just the gotta be bigger and better and more dangerous for the rush. I'm not a big fan of the trick skiing/boarding, but sadly they know the risks. They're hurt more than they're not. I wouldn't recommend anyone go into it.

  4. It's a crazy sport for sure - I esp get freaked out by Winter Extreme sports... just seems unnatural. A snowmobile should NOT do those things!

    And yes, a freestyle skier did die recently from a very routine, warmup crash. And don't forget Liam Neeson's wife, natasha richardson who died from a MINOR fall on a ski hill. She refused care and passed away. It can happen to anyone, anytime. Caution, people!