Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Season of Improbability Continues

I'm still on a high from Saturday. My voice is strained. My neck hurts. My head won't stop pounding (this might be due to dehydration, it was HOT in that sun). But I couldn't be happier.

Going in to games I usually have some sort of gut instinct about the outcome. Saturday arrived and I felt nothing one way or the other. I knew the Niners had the ability to win. I also knew Brees thrives in the 4th quarter. Our offense would have to show up.

At the time, I thought the first quarter was the most insane 15 minutes of football I had ever witnessed.  With each turnover everyone in the section, and probably the stadium, turned to each other with a look of disbelief (while jumping up and down, throwing high fives and starting the screams that would lead to the voice strain). Is this really happening? We knew we could do it, but would it really go down like this, turning Brees record-breaking season in to a joke?

Of course not, he's Drew Brees.  Duh.  By the end of the 2nd quarter, I found myself filled with a hatred for him I didn't think possible.  And I normally LOVE Brees, but what was going on with our offense? Why couldn't we score a touchdown (a normal gameday question)? Why couldn't our defense stop him like we did in the first quarter? Why did he have so long to throw on every play?  No worries though, the Niners found a way around it.  Justin Smith just used the offensive linemen to bring down Brees instead.  Oh how I love our defense!

But there's someone I love even more and there's no way I would have believed you if you told me I'd feel this way before the last 4 minutes of the game. Alex Freaking Smith (you may be unfamiliar with his middle name if you live outside of Northern California), I am SO sorry for doubting you. I'm not just talking about the last 6 years of misery, but during the game too. The first time Brees punched me in the gut, I thought there was enough time to come back and the defense would stop him like they had most of the game. The 2nd time I had to sit down (we were standing for most of the game). It was like the wind was knocked out of me. I couldn't tell whether I wanted to cry or pass out from exhaustion. 1:30ish left to go 40 yards. Yes, in my mind I was thinking field goal to tie.

Harbaugh, the best coach in the league, had something else in mind, and it was a beauty!   Smith threw a perfect pass and Davis ran a perfect route coupled with a perfect catch for the win. No Overtime, we were going to the NFC Championship game!!

Love the Sea of Red!

I look forward to someday hearing the announcers say "did they leave too much time on the clock for Smith." Year of the Quarterback? I'm not so sure. I am sure we have the most complete team left in the playoffs and when all the parts come together, with the heart they showed on Saturday, we are unbeatable.  Keep calling us the underdogs though, we don't mind proving you wrong.

Bring on the Giants!!

My condolences to Cathy. In all honesty, I figured the Niners would be headed to Wisconsin. Part of why I love the NFL playoffs, but still.


  1. CONGRATS! The first thing I said at the end of the game after saying HOLY CRAP and G.D.IT! Was... Yay for Amanda I bet she is happy as hell!!!

    All my predictions were wrong but in the end I'm pretty excited to see a few teams that haven't been to the big dance in a while trying for the chance.

    [I'm also happy that now I can just sit back and relax].

    Guess you and Shana will be duking it out for the next game Giants vs. 49ers!

  2. It was SUCH a good game. And we are so looking forward to next weekend. Bring it on...

  3. Also...sorry Cathy. There was no one more surprised that us at the outcome of the Giants game.

  4. Hutch, I'm so pumped for you. I knew the Niners/Saints game was going to be a fun one and I kept telling JT "Hutch is there!! She must be freaking out!" We were rooting for the Niners. It was fun to see them get the win.

    But....I really thought they were headed to WI too. I'm still in shock that GB lost. I didn't see that coming AT ALL. That didn't even look like our team out there. It's kinda hard to win when no one catches the ball.

    I'm rooting for a Niners vs Ravens Superbowl!

  5. I'm still in shock. In a good way. A great way.

    Bring on the Saints! They're going down!

  6. It was a crazy weekend of football! My hubby's Packers lost, which was a little shocking. They played like crap, *and* they accused the refs of not calling enough penalties against them!? Sounds ridiculous to me.

    I'm so glad you were able to experience that though. There's nothing like a great game of live football!

  7. I acutally watched the 4th quarter of this game. My husband now knows all about your passion for the Niners.