Thursday, January 26, 2012


No, I'm not talking about the traditional sense of streaking, although I will admit when I typed the title to this post all I could imagine was Will Ferrell's bare ass running to the quad in Old School [love that damn movie!]. I'm talking about another streak.
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The other morning while getting ready for work Mike [my husband] told me they were talking about my alma mater on ESPN'S SportsCenter. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they would be talking about Towson University on ESPN. One thing the school was never truly known for when I went there was it's sports program. Sure we had a KILLER Lacrosse team and I hear the women's basketball wasn't too shabby but as far as sports go, that's about it. When I was in college I never once went to a football game. I sort of regret this. And equally I never went to a basketball game either. I was too worried about clubbing, drinking and socializing with boys to care about sports... should have realized I could dance, tailgate with some brews and flirt with boys all at the same time at a sporting event but alas, it never dawned on me at the time.

As I was putting on my mascara I asked Mike what they were discussing about Towson and he bluntly said "They were discussing how horrible your schools basketball team is." HARSH is the first word that came to my mind... but then upon watching the recap I realized as harsh as it is, it's totally true.
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Towson University's Men's basketball team isn't just on a losing streak... it's on a record breaking losing streak. 40 straight games to be exact as of Tuesday of this week. WOW! Now to be fair they aren't getting totally blown out of the water in each game but the certainly aren't bringing home a BIG W for TU and haven't for over 40 games. 40 games... How does one team get so behind? I can't even imagine. Interviews with the coach have him saying he's hopeful for a turn around. I hope he's doing more than "hoping", is all I can say.

It makes me sad to see them on such a bad streak. I love my alma mater. It's not a huge school but it's got excellent programs for teaching and fine arts. I had a blast going there and made quite a few dear friends. The campus was large enough to feel like you went somewhere that was a big deal but cozy enough to feel like you weren't far from home. I was about an hour from my home to be exact. I toured lots of schools with great sports and educational programs UNC Chapel Hill, NC State [never would I ever go to the wolfpack school but I toured it anyway for the hell of it.. bottom line the school and town were amazing if I wasn't so PRO-Tarheel I might have let myself give in], I even toured East Carolina University... but in the end my tour of Towson U in Maryland made me realize I was home, felt at home and wanted to be there.

Bottom line I hate to see a school with such a low record, and it shocked me that even for a school not totally well known for their sports could have such a poor team. I guess in the end you can't all be winners but I hope they turn their season around, if not now, then next year. I heard from my father that Towson's football team actually made it all the way to their Division Playoffs. They lost in the first round but still, playoffs, that's awesome! I don't recall wins at all back when I was in school, but then again I never paid it much attention. Since graduating in 2003 I have been able to catch a few lacrosse games on television here in Alabama from time to time, which is cool but let's just say I have no way of truly keeping tabs on the teams unless I go to their website. So I guess in the end we do have a few good things happening in the sports program at TU with the football player's and their success, but I just hope that magic gets spread to the rest of the teams at the school.

In a totally unrelated news I wanted to leave you all with a bit of sports related eye candy to start your Friday EVE [Thursday afternoon] off right! I know some of the readers and writers here are bit True Blood fans, I myself am too. I'm also a HUGE Joe Manganiello aka Alcide fan... well I know he's not an athlete buttttt, what he's wearing is athletic. Well at least it's couch potato athletic and he's built like an athlete, right?  When I saw this picture in this month's Glamour magazine my heart skipped a beat... all that hotness AND a Steelers fan? Be still my loins!

He's a Werewolf in love with my team, I can dig it! • via google


  1. You had me at his hotness until I saw the Steelers logo. I don't know what it is about the team, but the colors have like a Pavlovian dog response with me. When I think about the team I'm pretty indifferent, but the colors definitely ignite a response. Strange.

  2. LOL... sorry girl :) I'm the same way with Cowboy Colors and that stupid Patriots logo ;)

    P.S. THE STREAK HAS ENDED!!!! Towson finally won a game against UNC Wilmington... which is funny that was another school in NC I had seriously considered attending until I realized they really didn't have a great art program!

  3. Hey, just remember, with that bad of a losing streak, there is only one way to go . . . UP! :)

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  5. Glad to hear that you were able to watch lacrosse games in Alabama. It's hard for me to sleep if I missed a single episode of lacrosse games.

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