Monday, February 6, 2012

I Tried To Care

I really, truly, tried to care about the Super Bowl this year, but even with an "exciting" 4th quarter the game fell flat to me. I found myself semi-rooting for the Pats when I actually watched and went in not wanting the Giants to win, but I'm already over it.  Sorry Pats fans, I get it and I've been there.  The halftime show was just as meh. Moving on, let's talk about the important stuff, commercials and food.

I wanted to make something fun, sporty and also liked by the birthday girl (my west coast best).  Searching Pinterest (duh), I found Blue Moon flavored cupcakes. SOLD!  I altered the icing because I knew there would be little time after the 7 miler Sunday morning to bake from scratch and deal with cream cheese (ick, I know, I want to like it, but ick). I bought Betty Crocker vanilla icing adding the juice of one orange and zest from half. Waay easier and super delish. Here's the end product.

YUM! Tasted mainly like orange, went great with beer.

As for commercials, I'm not sure those hyped going in were all that (barking dogs made me want to mute the TV, not cute), luckily some others stepped up. Below are my Top 4 in no order because I laugh equally at them all.

1. TaxAct

2. Doritos Sling Baby

3. Hyundai Cheetah

4. E*Trade

What did you think about the game? Did I miss any commercials that still have you laughing today?


  1. I thought free to pee was funny but didn't get how it tied into taxes.

    And wouldn't you have gotten into the cage if you had that kind of protection from a cheetah? :-)

  2. I felt the same way yesterday. Except the fact that the Giants won meant my brother won $13,000 to split with him and a buddy off of a $200 I dont get a cut of it so what do I care. (haha, I am just jealous!)

    The halftime show wasnt the trainwreck I was expecting it to be, but it wasnt awesome either...the commercials were a total letdown for me as well, the only one that really had me laughing was the dead cat/Doritos one.

    We only had a few people over, so I wouldnt exactly call it a party, but we got so stuffed on the apps that we didnt even end up grilling the burgers and sausages I had bought, so now I know what my husband and i will be eating for

    Overall the Superbowl experience this year was anticlimatic, all it really made for was a reason to hang out with friends, eat some unhealthy food and have a few beers. :)

  3. I loved the dog and the Doritos...and the M&M's commercial. :)

  4. I didn't even watch the whole thing. I thought the M&M's commercial was cute though.

  5. ugh... Madonna was HORRIBLE!!! I had such high hopes for her but it just was so flat... I have to say my favorite commercial was the Budweiser one w/ the horses showing the END of Prohibition. LOVED IT! And I also loved the one they had with the Cult's song playing in the background showing people partying though the decades.

    Bottom line I feel like the commercials didn't live up to the usual Super Bowl hype, and the game didn't feel like the super bowl to me...

  6. The Superbowl bored me. The game. The half-time show. Most of the commercials. Meh.

  7. My favorite commercial was probably the dog that was trying to lose weight to chase the car. Oh yeah and the Betty White Voice commercial. I couldn't get into the game, except for the last quarter....that hooked me.

  8. Well, I just saw the David Beckham underwear commercial so that was pretty much my favorite :p I also liked the Betty White Voice commercial. She's just such a darling.

    Not much into football personally... but your cupcakes look adorable! (I always show up for the food, LOL!)