Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Super...

I love the Superbowl. It's my second favorite sports event of the year (March Madness is a the all time favorite!). Even when my team isn't playing...which they usually aren't...I still get excited.

We have a tradition where my mom, who really knows nothing about the game or the teams, chooses the winner based on the colors of each team's uniform. She's called the winning team about 90% of the time.

Then there are the pools. Everyone in my family is usually in some pool or another and we all sit and watch the game while holding sheets of paper with our pool numbers. After every single play we dream up possible scenarios that will get us the scores we need to win our respective pools.

Of course, there are also the commercials. I mean, who doesn't love the Superbowl commercials. Sometimes, they are better than the actual game. I'm really looking forward to them this year. I'm hoping for some good ones.

Lastly, there is the halftime show. It's never good and last year it was spectacularly bad...but I love it. I love everything about it and the worse it is, the better I like it. This year's headliner for the show is Madonna. I can't wait.

I have my menu planned, the fridge stocked with beer and wine and our Giants gear ready. I'm hoping for a great game and a NY victory...but even if they lose, at least I know I'll have a good time.


  1. This SB is an odd one for me. My entire family (and in-laws) are Giants fans and I'm indifferent (lowly Raiders fan). I'm all about the box pools while they'll be screaming away. May there be a safety! (have too many strange numbers this year). Enjoy!

  2. I always loved Super Bowl Sunday too. Friends back home would always hold a party. And even if none of our teams were playing we'd wear our respective team's gear and party the day away watching funny commercials, drinking and eating great refreshments AND we'd do a pool for money. I never won but always had fun.

    I'll be rooting for your Giants!!! I am anxious to see what Madonna does. In the past years honestly NOTHING has topped The Boss in his half time show it was epic!!! [note I said recent years].

    YAY for the weekend!