Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me and Dickie V

I do not dislike Dick Vitale as a person. I'm sure he's charming and genuine and extremely personable. He certainly has a passion for basketball, which is a delightful trait in any basketball commentator. And I have even learned to subconsciously mute all of the catch phrases for which he's known..."It's serendipity, baby!" and...well...the abuse of the word "baby" throughout any broadcast. But that's what he's known for and who am I to judge him on his trademark? If anything, he has certainly mastered the fine art of branding.

What annoys me to no end is his voice...particularly his voice during the UK vs. Vanderbilt game last weekend. I'm almost certain he was sick. He called another UK game a couple of weeks ago and Kyle Macy commented that Dickie V had a long week ahead, which would be more difficult because he was fighting a cold. Normally, I think a commentator with a cold would be mildly annoying, but one that has undergone vocal chord surgery and has a cold? Indecipherable. Even if that vocal cord surgery was in 2007. I think, as a rule, broadcasters should call in sick if the main tool of their trade (read: voice) is affected in any way. This includes laryngitis, drainage from the common cold, and too much screaming "baby" over the course of the basketball season. But to make it worse, Saturday's game was packed. Vandy was playing the nation's top-ranked team and they are, although I've never understood why, one of our main SEC rivals. So, combine the whooping and chanting of 14,000 fans with a raspier-than-normal voice and you've basically got a commentator exchanging calls with a muffler. Distracting and excessively annoying.

But perhaps I'm overreacting. That's been known to happen where UK basketball is concerned. Maybe I'm not showing enough compassion to a broadcasting legend. humanity in general. What do you think? Should a commentator's voice be in tip top shape for every game? Or does it really matter? Do you care who your broadcasters are? Will you mute a game for certain ones? If you're an athletic supporter, I'm sure you have an opinion on let me hear it!

And an update on my last post: no more gray and blue uniforms. Must have been a one-time thing. Hallelujah and the people said "Amen."


  1. Thank goodness they got rid of "those" uniforms - but what was the point? Go 'Cats!

  2. I go back and forth about this guy. When he's announcing I can usually handle it, mainly because he's one of those who loves Cuse (why wouldn't you?). But outside of a game? His excitement is just weird.

  3. I'm a firm believer that commentators can make a game ... or break it sometimes. There are a few SEC commentators during football that really get under my skin. YAY for getting rid of those uniforms!