Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adult kickball? Why, yes, I think I will...

I've joined an Adult Kickball league. Yes, I really just found out these exist. I knew that softball leagues for those outside of school existed, but didn't realize kickball surpassed middle school. I've only played in one game, but I'm already loving it.

It's a completely different mentality from school and professional sports. And by different mentality, I mean, we all get drunk and try to be good at a game that middle school kids could totally kick our butts at. So, maybe it's like school sports (since you don't get paid), but with a twist of spectator sports because you can drink while your team is "batting" or maybe it's "kicking". I'm not really sure, I'm not up on the lingo just yet.

It was really fun, being a part of team sports that didn't have politics, money or ego (of course that could have been the beer). There may have been a henna tattoo at stake between the two teams' captains, but that's another story . . . and really it just made us want to throw the game so our captain would have girly ink on his lower back for a week or two. It was a completely different culture than being a spectator at a professional sporting event, and there was a camaraderie that you have with your teammates in school, but no stress and all fun. For an adult that has lost a lot of their athletic ability, and specifically for a chick to come in and be able to make some plays even when you haven't done team sports in years, it was a real ego boost.

I joined with a few of my friends, some of which never played team sports before. It was a HUGE confidence builder for them. Part because everyone was just so laid back and nice, but also because of the type of game, everyone and anyone can make a play. There is always some good you can do. It was definitely a great thing we all joined. Plus, there is such a large social aspect of it. Many people join just to meet new people. Some join because they just want to play. Everyone in our league goes out to the bar afterward, and just has fun. Something you do with your friends after a pro game, but with this type of adult league, you get the best of both worlds.

Now, I've been sore for two days. I ran as fast as I could to beat a few throws. I pitched all the innings and my arm and shoulder could definitely use a good rub down. However, I can't wait to go back. I loved the whole concept, and the fact that these types of leagues exist for those of us that still love team sports. I'm a fan . . . and now I'm back on the team too.

I joined a WAKA league, you can find out more about it here. I didn't receive any compensation or waived registration fees. I just really wanted to share a great sporting concept with everyone.


  1. I have friends back home that have joined kickball leagues and they sound like SO much fun. I always was too shy and worried about playing in elementary school but something about having some beers and letting off steam with friends seems like a blast!!

  2. Our sign-ups are right now!! I was just saying to my son how I want to join and he about passed out with excitement thinking about his mother playing kickball. On a team. As an adult.

    Love that you're doing it!