Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Opening weekend of March Madness is over. And if your bracket isn't busted you are either really lucky or psychic.

You know what's so great about March Madness though? Almost everyone will root for the underdog, even if it's going to ruin their bracket. Seriously. How great was it to watch Lehigh take out Duke?! I mean, everyone likes to watch Duke lose, but to watch them lose to a 15 seed? PURE JOY.

Chances are you had Duke, Missouri, Florida State, Georgetown, and in my case, Temple going deep into the tourney. Chances are your bracket is done busted. But, so is everyone's in your pool. Now you can cheer for that Cinderella team with wild abandon. Go Ohio Bobcats!

I have 4 brackets going this year. In all of them my Final Four only has 3 teams left. And yes, in one of them I took Duke to the Championship game. That was my "experimental" bracket. I couldn't take Kentucky to the Championship in every bracket, right?

So what do your brackets look like? Anyone have all 4 of their Final Four teams left? Has anyone lost their champion yet? Who watched Donald Driver on DWTS last night? Who's your favorite Cinderella team? Do you cry during One Shining Moment? Why do I have so many questions? Is this thing on?

p.s. Don't talk to Hutch about Manning going to the Broncos.


  1. NC State all the way....see below:) Duke did mess up my bracket a little bit but I was more than OK with that.

  2. My brackets (there are three) look like someone stabbed them...that's how red they are. In the one that is doing best, I've only got two final four teams left. So I've given up even looking at it and I'm only rooting for the underdogs now...well, and Kentucky and Syracuse...because I want Ally and Hutch to keep talking to me.

  3. Haha, I'm starting to realize Manning didn't want to be with a team where he wouldn't have complete control. Elway will give that to him. Harbaugh won't.

    As for the brackets, don't hate me, but I still have all of my Final Four and 7 of my Elite 8. There's some risks though coming up this weekend. I'm not feeling as comfortable with UNC, obvis. And Marquette/Cincy are not at all strong picks. I've realized though if you don't take some risks you very rarely win. Especially when everyone has the same Champ.

  4. Hutch you're right - Manning is totally about controlling the situation and I think that might have been a huge factor for him.

    I didn't do a bracket this year, after all that talk of wanting to do one last year. I might have been golden at least in Duke's department, even though they were set to win I probably would have voted them to lose out... I'd be lucky this year, next year doubtful. But I loved your "pure joy" comment! ;)

  5. After the asshole geniuses at UPS decided to make a commercial glorifying Laetner's game-winning, buzzer-beating shot for Duke back in 92, I took SO MUCH JOY in seeing Lehigh (school colors: brown and white) beat them and saying: BOOYAH, DUKE!!! THIS IS WHAT BROWN CAN DO FOR *YOU*!!! I'm actually very tempted to put it on a shirt.

    I have Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio State, and UNC in my final 4. So I'm 3 of 4 right now. At least I think I am...last time I checked. But you know what I REALLY love about March Madness? Every game is special. Every player leaves it on the court every single game because there are no do-overs and holy hell it makes for some good basketball. Best ball all season, really. I forked over the $4 for the NCAA app on my iPad so I can watch every single game because it's just good basketball. It's passionate and when a team loses, the coach and the players are crying the press conference and you truly understand what disappointment looks like. It's the best damn month all year.