Monday, March 5, 2012

Do Announcers Listen to What They Say?

There's a 12 year-old boy side of me who comes out from time to time, often while watching sports.  I'm sure you know all about 'That's What She Said (TWSS)," a favorite of mine, but until this year I never really took notice of just how dirty announcers words could be when taken out of context.  I've pulled in Ally to my immaturity and now every time I get an email from her I fully expect a good laugh (well, I always get a good laugh regardless of the topic).  Here's a sampling of what we've collected through the football and college basketball seasons. To appreciate the full ridiculousness while reading, make sure to follow each phrase with a TWSS.

He takes it to the spot.

Pulling out just a little too quick.

Watch what happens here, penetration at the first sign of attack.

Strap it on partner! Strap it on! 

He has quick hands from behind

Can't force anything in there, just slide through.

Took him and put him on his back.

Boy, did he get his hands on a lot of balls tonight.

Really good job pulling out.

And he casually takes it from behind.

Is there anything more important than penetration?

Do these announcers watch games back and listen to what they say? I mean, seriously? Ally claims I've ruined her, I like to think I've added a bit more entertainment to her life.  Hopefully, I've done the same for you.


  1. Ha, I have actually thought about this a few times whilst watching sports with my husband. It adds to the excitement for me.

  2. I notice this stuff too. I'm going to have to start writing it down and emailing it to you.

  3. Stay away from Ally; she's a bad influence!

  4. Ruining is in the eye of the beholder...

  5. Classic! And I think they definitely look back and know what they said, they just don't know how to stop themselves!!

  6. I started noticing some of these things during the NFL play-offs. I can't wait for baseball season...

  7. I can't believe I am just now reading this. But it's so true! I always notice this. Even down in the little man's sports. In football last year, I constantly heard: "Pound that hole!" "If you see the hole open, it is yours to invade!"

    *clears throat* so, yeah.