Monday, March 12, 2012

Half Marathon? Check

As of 7am this morning, this whole I ran a half marathon yesterday thing still hasn't sunk in.  The pain has, but I'm carrying it as a battle wound.

I rolled out of bed at 5am (which really felt like 4, time change/race planning FAIL) went about my normal routine of rinse off, eat breakfast (English Muffin with PB and a cup of coffee) changed into my gear and triple checked to make sure my bib was still attached to my hydration belt (aka fanny pack) and the Gu Chomps were still in there.

Leaving the house by 6 I was so thankful to have done the training program through Fleet Feet which gave us access to the Brooks VIP area.

Non-Instagrammed, what I actually look like at the ass crack with no make-up, photo

Throughout the morning, I expected the what-did-I-get-myself-into nerves to hit, but I remained calm. Other than having to use the restroom about 50 times, give or take, I felt prepared (another reason to be thankful for Fleet Feet, their training program really does work).

The run and course felt great until about mile 6. Then I realized what adding the apple in to the mix for the first time that morning would result in (just being honest). After taking care of that issue we hit the first incline. Now, Sacramento is known for being flat. We have a few "rolling hills" on our bike trail, but nothing like what we experienced between miles 7 and 10.  Majorly increasing my pace by to find a restroom so I wouldn't lose time probably wasn't the smartest decision. 2 big hills and 3 smaller ones later, my legs were dead and my heart rate was saying "Screw You Jackass." 

My initial goal was to cross the finish line with a smile on my face and I had an idea of where I'd like to fall when it came to time, but not super important. At this point, I told myself "you're not stopping and you're crossing that damn finish line, shuffle it up woman!"  And shuffle I did.  The last 4 miles were slow and brutal, constantly checking my form and counting down the miles, but coming in to that stadium running along the warning track towards first base, I picked it up to what felt like a sprint (still waiting for the always awkward finish line photos) and made it across smiling!

I did it! 5 months ago I couldn't run a mile and I had just run 13.1!  I learned a few things, didn't let the mental battle beat me, and met my #1 goal.

Post-Race...still smiling!

The first question the girls and I asked ourselves was would we do it again. Hell yes! I plan to sign-up as soon as the registration opens for next year just to see where I improved. Up next? I'm looking forward to shorter runs of 3-6 miles and focusing on my time. In May, I'm running The Relay, in September there's Tough Mudder, and I'm hoping to make it into the Nike Women's Half Marathon for October. Yes, I realized after this run I hate hills, but with better training I think I can get there. I did just run 13.1 miles on purpose.

Since the morning run in Kentucky with Ally and Shana was my first 2 miles that felt like what a good run should actually feel like, I thought it fitting to celebrate in my Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt. Can't wait to add to my medal "collection."


  1. Congratulations!!! You seriously ROCK! 5 months from "couch to half-marathon"?!? IMPRESSIVE! :)

    I LOVED that course, its flat as a pancake compared to San Diego ;)

    I did The Realy a few years ago and had a love/hate relationship with it. It was WAY harder on my body than anything I had done except the marathon. It wasnt the running so much as the spending HOURS cramped in a van after having just run, then getting out of said van to run AGAIN. Sleeping in this van or on the grass in a parking lot while you wait for your teammate to finish their "leg" it was rough. I could barely shuffle across the finish line (I was the last runner) My advice is bring your rollers and use them A LOT and be prepared for some of your worst running...haha. But the experience overall was awesome and I would totally do it again! ;)

  2. You rock. You totally kicked ass in your training and it shows. Way to go on running the entire thing....I hope I can do that.

    I get super nervous before races and pee a million times. I was almost late to the start line for the Monster Dash because I was in the port a potty line forever.

  3. CONGRATS ACROSS THE BOARD! I am in awe of you. 5 months and you're blowing running out of the water! Well done!!!! ox

  4. Congrats! That's a great achievement!

  5. I never had any doubts that you could do it. I'm so proud of you!!!

  6. YOU ARE AMAZING. Seriously. I am so proud of you. That mental game while running has beaten me every single time.